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  1. The way they described this video they said it was going to be a lot more sexual and intimate yawn
  2. Navy

    Don't welcome to FOTP me I've been here since mid 2010
  3. Navy

    your second thread about BBHMM??? Wow someone has you upset
  4. someone with better taste than you, that's who
  5. I am disgusted with your terrible opinion get out
  6. Navy

    and as the president of the U.S. you should be speaking about major riots in a major town immediately... I'm all here for Caitlyn and supporting her, but it really isn't worth the president's attention. It's not relevant nor important to his duties while the riots are
  7. Navy

    He's a shitty president and his priorities have never been straight... what's new
  8. Don't copy my fav Fergie Ferg Excited for this though!
  9. You think it's good that they bailed people out of jail that burnt down businesses?
  10. Already did. Can you guess what comment is mine?
  11. God, Queen, Empress, Vocals, Accent, Sexyiness, Beauty, Legend, Icon, ClapBacks!!!, Diamonds, Money, Weed, Good music, endorsements R8 is missing from the ingredient list tho
  12. Navy

    where do you even see Beyonce??
  13. Navy

    Why would Rita be hugging Jay like that when he is talking to Diddy? This looks photoshopped. I dislike whora too so it's not like I'm defending her.. I'm just saying