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  1. The way they described this video they said it was going to be a lot more sexual and intimate yawn
  2. ha iconic impact this many years later
  3. http://www.ticketmaster.com/ed-sheeran-washington-district-of-columbia-09-22-2015/event/15004E72201E5FF4?artistid=1560779&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=1
  4. http://popcrush.com/lady-gaga-rihanna-beach-babe-2015-final-round-poll/ This is the final aganist Gaga, hurry up and vote. We all know who is the beach babe here we only have 20 minutes... The navy sucks these days lol
  5. A Decade of Rihanna 1. Introduction 2. Pon De Replay 3. Interlude/SOS 4. Unfaithful 5. Interlude/Umbrella 6. Shut Up And Drive 7. Please Don't Stop The Music 8. Take A Bow 9. Disturbia 10. Interlude/Hard 11. Rude Boy 12. Interlude/Only Girl 13. What's My Name? 14. S&M 15. Interlude/We Found Love 16. Where Have You Been 17. Diamonds 18. Stay 19. Pour It Up 20. Bitch Better Have My Money 21. FourFiveSeconds 22. Outro Disk #2 1. American Oxygen 2. If It's Loving That You Want 3. Break It Off 4. Hate That I Love You 5. Rehab 6. Live Your Life 7. Run This Town 8
  6. Don't welcome to FOTP me I've been here since mid 2010
  7. your second thread about BBHMM??? Wow someone has you upset
  8. You got someone who is never positive stanning that's always a good sign SLAY RIHSUS
  9. I am disgusted with your terrible opinion get out
  10. and as the president of the U.S. you should be speaking about major riots in a major town immediately... I'm all here for Caitlyn and supporting her, but it really isn't worth the president's attention. It's not relevant nor important to his duties while the riots are
  11. He's a shitty president and his priorities have never been straight... what's new
  12. She is in Cuba for her endorsement with Puma. Could she atleast smile in the picture and not look so pissy?