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  1. The way they described this video they said it was going to be a lot more sexual and intimate yawn
  2. Navy

    ha iconic impact this many years later
  3. http://www.ticketmaster.com/ed-sheeran-washington-district-of-columbia-09-22-2015/event/15004E72201E5FF4?artistid=1560779&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=1
  4. http://popcrush.com/lady-gaga-rihanna-beach-babe-2015-final-round-poll/ This is the final aganist Gaga, hurry up and vote. We all know who is the beach babe here we only have 20 minutes... The navy sucks these days lol
  5. Navy

    A Decade of Rihanna 1. Introduction 2. Pon De Replay 3. Interlude/SOS 4. Unfaithful 5. Interlude/Umbrella 6. Shut Up And Drive 7. Please Don't Stop The Music 8. Take A Bow 9. Disturbia 10. Interlude/Hard 11. Rude Boy 12. Interlude/Only Girl 13. What's My Name? 14. S&M 15. Interlude/We Found Love 16. Where Have You Been 17. Diamonds 18. Stay 19. Pour It Up 20. Bitch Better Have My Money 21. FourFiveSeconds 22. Outro Disk #2 1. American Oxygen 2. If It's Loving That You Want 3. Break It Off 4. Hate That I Love You 5. Rehab 6. Live Your Life 7. Run This Town 8. Russian Roulette 9. Love The Way You Lied 10. Man Down 11. Cheers 12. You Da One 13. Birthday Cake 14. Talk That Talk 15. What Now 16. The Monster 17. new song 18. New song 19. New song 20. New song
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    Don't welcome to FOTP me I've been here since mid 2010
  7. Navy

    your second thread about BBHMM??? Wow someone has you upset
  8. someone with better taste than you, that's who
  9. Navy

    You got someone who is never positive stanning that's always a good sign SLAY RIHSUS
  10. I am disgusted with your terrible opinion get out
  11. Navy

    and as the president of the U.S. you should be speaking about major riots in a major town immediately... I'm all here for Caitlyn and supporting her, but it really isn't worth the president's attention. It's not relevant nor important to his duties while the riots are
  12. Navy

    He's a shitty president and his priorities have never been straight... what's new
  13. She is in Cuba for her endorsement with Puma. Could she atleast smile in the picture and not look so pissy?
  14. Don't copy my fav Fergie Ferg Excited for this though!
  15. It appears she wasn't even recording for the album and that she was using the recording studio space to listen to material with friends and people while drinking and celebrating ten years of Rihanna based on her snapchat.
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    I hear it and other people do too. At the very very beginning. I didn't make this up either it was on another forum and all over twitter so don't blame me
  17. Hey everybody so I got some new info... 1. On a trademark website under Rihanna's trademarking title "Roraj Trade LLC" a new trademark was registered entitled R. This trademark shows a brand new Rihanna logo, which is a R in braille which has been the theme of all the single covers on the album so fall.. braille! So this is most likely her logo for this album in comparison with her regular R logos. RihannaNavy is turning into little detectives just like little detective monsters So here's the new R logo... R in braille Here's what the trademark states: Cosmetics, makeup, facial skin care products, hand skin care products, nail polish, temporary tattoos for use as cosmetics, shower gel, bath gel, body lotions, perfume Digital music downloadable form the Internet, audio and video recordings featuring music and artistic performances, pre-recorded digital media featuring music, protective carry cases and fitted plastic films known as skins for covering and protecting electronic apparatus, namely, mobile phones and personal digital assistants Key chains as jewelry, necklaces, charms and pendants, costume jewelry, ornamental pins and rings, watches Posters, tour programs, stickers, printed concert programs, temporary tattoos Umbrellas, purses, tote bags, cosmetic cases and bags sold empty Lingerie, sleepwear, shirts, jackets, shorts, pants, dresses, hats, swimwear, bandanas, t-shirts Providing a website featuring entertainment and information in the fields of social media communications, music, and television programs; Entertainment services in the nature of presentation of live stage show performances Source: http://www.trademarkia.com/r-86568869.html Now on to some more tea - Here is a video of Travi$ Scott with a unknown song in the background playing. At the beginning you can here "don't rush". This is one of the song titles on the supposed tracklisting. This right here could confirm that the tracklisting could be real and that the song exist. https://instagram.com/p/tyVgMuxkKz/?taken-by=scottypope - A new track was registed on Rihanna - RHFA today entitled One Life to live with Ester Dean, David Guetta, The Dream, and Neyo listed under the songs production/wriiting credits. - A twitter account claiming to have parts of the album in low quality was removed from twitter today, most likely by RocNation or Rihanna's people. They were revealing information about the album including detailed song descriptions from the low quality snippets and that the album is coming digitally on Sunday and as a physical release in stores early next week. They state that Drake is on Changes, not Kiss It Better. That Jay-Z isn't on Body Milk, and he is on a interlude. They said that the album will come with a visual for Still Searching on Sunday followed by BBHMM video in the remaining days of the month. Now we typically take things like this with a grain of salt, BUT the account was removed by twitter after posting what appeared to be reliable information, if it was removed the only explanation must be that Rihanna's people wanted the account removed as it was spoiling the R8 era. Also Rihanna's official fansite RihannaDaily tweeted this: Are you ready for #R8? — RihannaDaily.com (@RihannaDaily) May 21, 2015
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    You can't pass it as fake until we get the official tracklist and see if this is legit or not sooooo
  19. You think it's good that they bailed people out of jail that burnt down businesses?
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    A presence looms in a nighttime Versailles. Captured by Steven Klein’s camera, Rihanna passes through the sumptuous salons and the Hall of Mirrors to the rhythm of the track “Only If For a Night”, produced by Midas, and which will be the opener to her upcoming album. Enigmatic and enchanting, the singer heads to the palace gardens, where their box hedges, clipped to spell the House’s emblematic initials, convey a fairytale air. As the only light, the glow of candles and moonbeams highlight the details of the Esprit Dior Tokyo collection: the metallic closure and cannage of the Diorama bag, the silvered spangles of a dress, the finely-crafted metal of the Tribale earrings, the sequins sprinkling a nose veil. DIOR ALSO APPARENTLY CONFIRMED THE ALBUM IS COMING THIS MONTH TWITTER NAVY IS FREAKING RIGHT NOW