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  1. TWITTER ALERT @GMA: Taylor Swift's new album #RED has only been out for a day and has already sold over 4 million copies. #TaylorOnGMA
  2. Of course it will drop, it happens to all million selling albums. BUT IT WILL SELL WEEK BY WEEK. TAKE NOTE OF THAT.
  3. The delusional fact that a song released a year ago is having a higher airplay than a song released this year.
  4. Ke$ha's doing pretty fine, dunnow ith Rihanna if it can stand.
  5. sorry but DIE YOUNG >>>> YOUR FUCKING BODY just the way it is
  6. #5 in the US now that ain't bad for a start.
  7. At first, I was like, what, I WASN'T EXPECTING THIS. But as I keep listening to it, I can't stop myself from hitting the replay button all over again and again.
  8. Loving the song. Reminds me of Madonna's era. The start is so damn catchy, radio will surely eat this song up. GOSH, BEAT IS ACTUALLY STUCK IN MY FUCKIN HEAD
  9. Xtina has the talent but Britney has the PRICE.
  10. they all know me im sophie im the one they talk about mostly