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  1. jacs vs looser


    I get that she wanted to do something different from what she will do at the Oscars, but for this kind of energy they shoud've performed the Pop version of Shallow or create a new Rock-infused version and perform that instead.
  2. jacs vs looser

    General News

    I think it's a combination of both, people's perception of Glenn Close being "overdue" combined with her outstanding performance will sway votes in her favor, hopefully resulting in her winning her category. I feel something similar happened to Leo when he got his. Sidenote: I agree that Collette deserved her nomination way more than Aparicio and Gaga. Can't say about Nicole, haven't watched Destroyer yet.
  3. jacs vs looser

    General News

    Exactly. I agree that the ceremony is too long as it is, but If anything, they should not televise a few more categories; taking out the music will make the show even more painful to sit through.
  4. That's great and all, but honestly #JusticeForARUTW
  5. jacs vs looser


    My bad, I must've misread. You're right, Russia should be sanctioned, sadly don´'t think it will ever happen.
  6. jacs vs looser


    I agree with the "international emergency" part, however, it is important to notice Russia actually condones this type of actions by pretending they don't even exist, so them "sanctioning" Chechnya is unfortunately out of the question.
  7. jacs vs looser


    Are there other pictures of the dress? It looks like she's wearing a towel on pic3
  8. jacs vs looser


    They should've made it a proper single, it's probably the best song in the album.
  9. jacs vs looser


    Oh welp ... I´'m really glad she got hers already. I really hope she gets the actress one, but my money is on either Glenn Close or Melissa McCarthy. Fingers crossed still, nonetheless.
  10. jacs vs looser


    Would Gaga get a Globe herself if the movie wins as Best Drama?
  11. jacs vs looser


    Best actress and ..:?
  12. The last part of the song says "now that we have left the country with these scars" ... which makes me believe they were doing a parody, also the video seems to be cut conveniently short. Now, don't get me wrong, these kids made a bad choice, but I feel this might be being blown out of proportion.
  13. jacs vs looser

    Celeb News

    5 f*cking grammy nominations, for a soundtrack song, and a super lowkey single from ages ago ... this BTCIH, I- I'm so, so happy for her, I can't imagine her walking away without at least 1.
  14. jacs vs looser


    "Million Reasons is a very strong contender for song of the year in the Grammys" teas.