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  1. jacs vs looser


    Yeah, I got mixed up! I thought she did get nominated in 2017, but it wasn't until 2018. Oh welp, seems like she really likes waiting 2 years for her albums to be awarded
  2. jacs vs looser


    I know! Missing the deadline for the Grammys by less than a week, and not releasing a single song beforehand ...
  3. Watching people holding their physical copies of Sweetener like "OMG SO ANNOYING YOU'RE HOLDING IT UPSIDE DOWN!!" but no, that's just the way Ari wanted it. rih9

    1. Chris Morlock

      if i were to buy the CD i'd flip the booklet the correct way. rih9 

      but the album is terrible so not going to happen. rih9 

    2. jacs vs looser

      I don't think it's horrible, it's just ... not that memorable. 

    3. Chris Morlock

      Breathin, GWS GIAW and NTLTC are really the only good songs.

  4. jacs vs looser


    It's very unlikely, all the shots are well focused, which means she took pictures from another screen showing pictures, not video. Although they might be pictures taken at the same time a video was shot (and then photographed again through a screen, you know, for "texture" ) It's not the same glove as the countess. It looks similar-ish, but it's not the same. Sidenote: this bish needs to STOP AND TELL US WHAT THIS IS FOR ALREADY
  5. jacs vs looser


    MTE. Looking good tho.
  6. jacs vs looser


    The fact they're all b+w with a white background makes me feel you're correct.
  7. Beautiful, dirty ... rich.

    1. Savage

      That's not beautiful, don't lie lmfao2 

    2. jacs vs looser

      @Savage Don't laugh at WaxGa, she'll beat you up with her left arm. 

  8. jacs vs looser


    IKR? I don't "love" hair, but it's pretty good. The others though ...
  9. jacs vs looser


    People can be so effing extra sometimes. He is entitled to like/dislike whatever he wants, he was neither disrespectful to Michael nor his legacy; furthermore, his words were spoken in a private environment with his friends. Imagine if we all were judged based on what we say on those occasions
  10. Sony really wants it, but Marvel really, really doesn't. My guess is they see Sony's movies as being subpar and not worthy of being connected to the MCU.
  11. jacs vs looser


    Every year, for the longest time, the VMA's would hint at a Britney performance ... now, they're doing the exact same thing with Gaga. They need our views, that's all there's to it.
  12. Just a small observation: I think the writer of the article got mixed-up, the name of the facebook page is in fact "1,000,000 Supporting Traditional Marriage" which makes a lot more sense
  13. jacs vs looser

    General News

    Yeah, no kidding, this is 100% in favor of ratings. Now having an Oscar winning movie will be a lot easier and more common, hence diluting the value of the award ... SAD.
  14. jacs vs looser

    Celeb News

    I'm low-key hoping for a single to promote the movie + its soundtrack