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  1. Celeb News

    Dua Lipa introducing teens to The Cure and Maneater? Snatched.
  2. Britney Spears is the reason I always misspell "every time" as "everytime" 

    1. Jae

      Omg I always do this too bc of her dead2 nn

    2. #Music

      that's how i spot gays irl

    3. Monster

      I've never related more to a status update. dead2 

  3. Game

    I've got a few of them, lemme try:
  4. I immediately thought of ARTPOP when I saw this thread. Why the censored cover, tho?
  5. Discussion

    Exactly. How hard could it have been for Katy to just ask if he'd like her to be his first kiss? It's kind of sad to see so many people dismissing this because either a) it's their fave or b) She's a woman. What she did wasn't a capital crime, but it was wrong.
  6. Rumor

    If there isn't a Pink feature, tho ...
  7. Photos

    IKR? I actually think he's a pretty good looking guy, and even if he weren't/isn't ... she seems happy with him, what else matters?
  8. ionnalee is life, ionnalee is love. 

  9. Don't be dirty ice-cream. 

  10. Rumor

    Thanx, hunty
  11. Rumor

  12. Rumor

    "Til it happens to You" to appear in The Incredibles 2 confirmed?
  13. Give this bop more views. Thnx. 


  14. Maybe I'm being too hopeful, but I low-key feel that maybe that's why the teacher did it. So the whole "arm the teachers" deal gets heavily questioned (as it should)
  15. OMG I can't wait for them to record a song together, Gaga listening to the final version, not liking it, and us never hearing it!