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  1. jacs vs looser


    I imediately felt like it was a Born this Way outtake. It doesn't sound fresh, innovaitve or interesting, I really hope this is not the lead single.
  2. "His family supports us" = They are ok with being paid top dollar for doing literally nothing.
  3. jacs vs looser

    Celeb News

    You and me both. The most relevant TJ remains unbothered
  4. jacs vs looser

    Celeb News

    Where did you get this info from? 'cause I really, really hope it's legit (Except Diggin My Grave, they should've sent Maybe it's time)
  5. jacs vs looser

    I love the pics in your current set, where are they from?
  6. jacs vs looser


    You know what? You might be right, and that actually makes me feel a lot better, thanks
  7. jacs vs looser


    Apple being apple, I'm pretty sure they will, but that's still a couple of years away. On a different topic, can anyone tell me why are the songs shown behind Steve Jobs in the OP in such a random order? They are neither alphabetical by name, album, artist or genre and it's bothering me A LOT.
  8. jacs vs looser


    I can already see the plot twist:
  9. I agree that it is detrimental to minors, but disagree regarding adults. Masturbation has health benefits, and pornography can be a positive outlet for people who want to come in contact with different sides of their own sexuality in a safe way. If anything, I would agree that the way some types of pornography are produced are detrimental, but not the whole industry.
  10. Wel´p, play stupid games, win stupid prices.
  11. Ok, but how about ... hear me out, and I know this is out there, but ... what if like, we blame church paedophilia on ... CHURCH PEDOPHILES!?!?!? Also, there is factual evidence of the catholic church covering up the crimes of paedophile priests. Why does he not comment on that better, instead?
  12. jacs vs looser

    Yas! She definitely deserves more love than she gets.
  13. jacs vs looser

    General News

    Yeah, this just seems like an unfortunate coincidence. Glad they changed the name, tho.
  14. Just watched the Black Mirror S02 christmas episode, and I am SHOOK.