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  1. jacs vs looser


    That's pretty amazing, not gonna lie
  2. I agree that it is detrimental to minors, but disagree regarding adults. Masturbation has health benefits, and pornography can be a positive outlet for people who want to come in contact with different sides of their own sexuality in a safe way. If anything, I would agree that the way some types of pornography are produced are detrimental, but not the whole industry.
  3. jacs vs looser


    Rah Rah b*tch mode on!
  4. jacs vs looser


    I couldn´'t finish reading the article, that's how bad it was. Why are some people so bitter?
  5. Wel´p, play stupid games, win stupid prices.
  6. jacs vs looser


    Ok, the video IS a mess, but I actually enjoyed it, it's very on par with David LaChapelle's aesthetic as a photographer. You can tell it is a rough cut given how there are missing sceenes from that other LQ version that leaked a while ago and you can also see markers on the TV that are to be edited out, etc. I think, had they fixed the tempo and polished some other details, it would've been pretty memorable. Sidenote: I never knew I'd be here for G eazy being on top of me, but I guess life has ways of surprising us like that
  7. Ok, but how about ... hear me out, and I know this is out there, but ... what if like, we blame church paedophilia on ... CHURCH PEDOPHILES!?!?!? Also, there is factual evidence of the catholic church covering up the crimes of paedophile priests. Why does he not comment on that better, instead?
  8. jacs vs looser

    Yas! She definitely deserves more love than she gets.
  9. jacs vs looser

    General News

    Yeah, this just seems like an unfortunate coincidence. Glad they changed the name, tho.
  10. Just watched the Black Mirror S02 christmas episode, and I am SHOOK.

  11. jacs vs looser


    The way the views were growing was very unnatural, it was obvious they weren't real. Also, why did people care about this "record"? It felt so random and meaningless
  12. She gets one more, we all doomed.



    1. Madonna

      but she already has 5!!! shock1 

    2. jacs vs looser

      I know, she's really close. cry3

  13. jacs vs looser


    It's ok, we all know Gaga only releases 2 proper singles per album nowadays so Madonna can wait a bit until Gaga finishes her era.
  14. jacs vs looser


    That's a really big percentage. Welp, at least now we know she really does mean her lyrics: "I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it"
  15. Another one of the hits that got away.