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  1. jacs vs looser

    Celeb News

    You and me both. The most relevant TJ remains unbothered
  2. jacs vs looser

    Celeb News

    Where did you get this info from? 'cause I really, really hope it's legit (Except Diggin My Grave, they should've sent Maybe it's time)
  3. jacs vs looser

    I love the pics in your current set, where are they from?
  4. jacs vs looser


    I was shook when I realized it too! Love getting HQ unreleased material.
  5. jacs vs looser


    The Fame: 8 The Fame Monster (Blonde): 10 The Fame Monster (Black): 10 Born this Way (Standard): 6 Born This Way (Deluxe): 7 ARTPOP: 10 Joanne: 8
  6. jacs vs looser


    You know what? You might be right, and that actually makes me feel a lot better, thanks
  7. jacs vs looser


    Apple being apple, I'm pretty sure they will, but that's still a couple of years away. On a different topic, can anyone tell me why are the songs shown behind Steve Jobs in the OP in such a random order? They are neither alphabetical by name, album, artist or genre and it's bothering me A LOT.
  8. jacs vs looser


    That's pretty amazing, not gonna lie
  9. I agree that it is detrimental to minors, but disagree regarding adults. Masturbation has health benefits, and pornography can be a positive outlet for people who want to come in contact with different sides of their own sexuality in a safe way. If anything, I would agree that the way some types of pornography are produced are detrimental, but not the whole industry.
  10. jacs vs looser


    Rah Rah b*tch mode on!
  11. jacs vs looser


    I couldn´'t finish reading the article, that's how bad it was. Why are some people so bitter?
  12. Wel´p, play stupid games, win stupid prices.
  13. jacs vs looser


    Ok, the video IS a mess, but I actually enjoyed it, it's very on par with David LaChapelle's aesthetic as a photographer. You can tell it is a rough cut given how there are missing sceenes from that other LQ version that leaked a while ago and you can also see markers on the TV that are to be edited out, etc. I think, had they fixed the tempo and polished some other details, it would've been pretty memorable. Sidenote: I never knew I'd be here for G eazy being on top of me, but I guess life has ways of surprising us like that