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  1. jacs vs looser


    The church is an institution whose ideals have remained unchanged for the last 2 millennia. Just think about how much society, technology and knowledge has changed in two thousand years, think about where humanity was there and where we are now: this, is how out of touch with current reality Catholicism and most other religions are.
  2. Beyoncé + Jay-Z's album dropped on Tidal. Can't wait for it to debut No.1 with the millions of streams they'll report lol1

  3. jacs vs looser


    Girls Like You is a cute song, but it bothers me a lot that it's in the top5 'cause it's not that good.
  4. Uhm ... no. She had been waiting for clemency for literally decades, and her particular case could only be "pardoned" by a president, which she had already asked for during the Obama administration, but Obama didn't pardon her (why is anyone's guess, she's got a really good record in jail and even letters attesting to her good behavior from jail workers etc) I agree that Trump didn't do it out of "the kindness of his heart", but whatever his motivations, she would've probably stayed in Jail at the very least another 8 years had he not pardoned her.
  5. jacs vs looser

    I forgot that she was currently on a TV Show, and according to the web also a judge on a reality show. Welp, slay us all working queen
  6. jacs vs looser

    Ok, so I guess we're no talking about how JLo is richer than Shakira, Beyonce and Taylor Swift? Like, where is all this money coming from?
  7. The article says they only studied 59 artists. Which is an absurdly small sample, so take their findings with a rather voluminous pinch of salt . EDIT: No shade to Tay-tay tho, the article just seems a bit biased in that section.
  8. jacs vs looser


    Welp, Hype cancelledT.
  9. That's such a horrible case, poor woman. Glad Kim has taken the interest and is actively doing something about it to help.
  10. jacs vs looser


    At first it seemed she was doing a photo shoot, but she's been at that same studio 4 days in a row, I'd say she's definitely recording something. What, though? That's anyone's guess.
  11. jacs vs looser

    Celeb News

    OMG they went IN.
  12. jacs vs looser


    Hmm ... maybe not recording music but it just seems like a lot of effort for just a book photoshoot. I guess only time will tell for sure.
  13. jacs vs looser


    I read that as well, but I'm not convinced. Hasn't she been seen at the same studios 3 days in a row now? And why would she be already dressed up and with her make up done before entering the set, let alone the building for the photoshoot? Isn't that weird? Something doesn't add up for me
  14. jacs vs looser


    Welp, his explains the classy looks . They're probably recording the songs + promo videos for Cheek to cheek 2: The cheekier the better.