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    As a lot of people already mentioned, it boils down to streaming. Deluxe editions were a thing of the physical era, but since most record companies aren't "pushing" physical sales anymore, it is natural that deluxe versions (at least in the traditional sense) will die out. I somewhat agree with you: I really don't like 10 track albums, they feel kind of lazy to me. On the other hand, over 14 tracks feels like overkill most of the time, with lots of fillers and songs that add nothing but length. So yeah, 12 to 14 is the ideal IMO.
  2. The name is somewhat misleading: it's not really an "order" in the sense that the countries have to follow it "or else", but just a very strong suggestion. Countries that do not do it will not suffer any consequence. It's purpose really is to encourage countries to legalize gay marriage. That's it.
  3. I honestly hope the judges see it as an opportunity to make an example out of him, and punish him accordingly.
  4. It sounds to me like she's just exposing black churches for being permissive towards a lot of things but non accepting of gay people
  5. I may not be flawless, but you know I've got a diamond heart. gaycat1

  6. Whenever something like this happens I can't help but wonder whether someone missed it or they pretended to miss it for shock value.
  7. Put your arms around me babe, I'm giving you permission to feel me brit7

  8. As a defense, she should say she was inspired by the original song they "ripped off", offer them the 40% royalties
  9. Achievement

    I'm pretty sure these are fan-voted. Slay a bit, nonetheless.
  10. Discussion

    I was one of those stans it was SUPER shocking, I can tell you that. Her hospitalization, the paparazzi drama, the feud with her family, it was a lot.
  11. Review

    MTE. Why would an openly LGBT advocate like herself go promote an event in a country that actively suppresses and persecutes gay people?
  12. :D Super happy with my latest single cover "intervention": 


    1. Brinty

      This is so good!

    2. jacs vs looser

      Thank you guys tehe1 can't take all the credit tho, props to "boombig" (coverlandia) for the original design idea. 

  13. Celeb News

    I was thinking about this too, it would make sense because it would help promote the album, since she's not doing any singles since like A YEAR AGO. She could even just do John Wayne and Diamond Heart, but I'm afraid even that is wishful thinking . Most likely it'll be just one song, either Million Reasons or The Cure.
  14. Review

    OMG, If she doesn't get at least ONE grammy, I swear ... I also think the Vegas residency will make the LG6 era come sooner. But what I think they'll most likely do is start it at the end of Q2, let's say June, release 2 or 3 singles and then sort of "continue it" with the ASIB soundtrack, releasing maybe 1 single.
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    Thank you! I knew I wasn't crazy