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    .Katie Finneran and Julie Andrews did the best IMO. Jayma Mays' enunciation is just not that good.
  2. It's probably the version that's coming out this Friday, right?
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    Without mentioning this is Gaga's leading actress debut and Bradley's directorial debut, in a movie that's been made 4 times. So yeah, odds are slim.
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    Realistically speaking, it won't win best picture and gaga is most likely not gonna win best actress. But if it does get nominated in all those 5 categories, it will be quite an achievement on its own.
  5. Why haven't they released the AHS Apocalypse openning? I need the season to start already cry1

  6. I feel it's a bit early to establish what its Metacritic score will be in the end, since it's only 7 reviews in, but I'm glad it's doing so well this far. Honestly, anything over 80 for a 4th remake of a movie is really good news. Someone gave BTW a 0? He/she/it must really hate Gaga, because no matter how much you dislike her type of music, you can't deny there's quality in it.
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    Britney's life during 2007. Here are some highlights: #1 Britney is taken from her home in an ambulance while helicopters surround her home: #2 (Probably the most notorious) Britney shaves her head #3 Britney attacks a car with an umbrella
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    They're my all time favorite band. I pretty much grew up with their music.
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    Despite how much I prefer Ariana over Nicki: Queen >>>>> Sweetener.
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    This is just ... sad. King of marketing, I guess.
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    I have no idea. If that's the case I take my slight shade back.
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    Celeb News

    Avril Lavigne/Justin Beiber M&G teas. Honestly, if she can't handle them because of her mental state, she shouldn't do them altogether.
  13. jacs vs looser

    When is Selena doing it, tho?
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    General News

    The video, even though it shows not the shooting itself, is incredibly nerve wracking. I sincerely wish pro-gun lobbyist were forced to watch it + other similar videos. But that won't ever happen, sadly this is never going to stop.
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    Celeb News

    I loved him in King Cobra, he's just so pretty Even if it might've been obvious to us, it's always nice when a personality publicly comes out, visibility is super important for the LGBTI+ community.
  16. Imagine if they had just switched Nicki and whoever with Kylie and Travis.
  17. jacs vs looser

    OMG NOOOOOO ... this is just ... WOW. Sis, you didn't have A meltdown, you had THE meltdown. You ain't just gon shrug it off like that
  18. jacs vs looser

    This is such a cringe fest. The sad part is that Queen is an actually good body of work, but that's not what people will be talking about now, and Nicki has no one but herself to blame.
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    100% here for the mess.
  20. Slightly better than Pretty Gurlz. Still not great tho
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    Yeah, I got mixed up! I thought she did get nominated in 2017, but it wasn't until 2018. Oh welp, seems like she really likes waiting 2 years for her albums to be awarded
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    I know! Missing the deadline for the Grammys by less than a week, and not releasing a single song beforehand ...