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    General News

    I like that he chooses to be so queer while being a very-in-the-spotlight actor, that's the kind of representation the LBGTI+ community needs. Bravo for him
  2. I´´m pretty sure all celebrities with homes in California have a fire inssurance, there seems to be massive fires over there every year.
  3. I was thinking of Kill Bill too. It will actually be the second song from the OST gaga covers, after Bang Bang (My baby shot me down), wonder which is next
  4. Is it gonna be a cover of this?
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    Celeb News

    Billboard said the same about Million Reasons and it didn't even get a nom in that category. So let's just wait and see.
  6. I'm getting a full physical  tomorrow and the doctor is HOT. I'm high-key afraid of how my body will react (If you know what I mean) slaycat

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    2. jacs vs looser

      Welp, as long as the doctor co-stars gaycat1

    3. Electric Light

      what do they even do in "full physical"? mj1

    4. jacs vs looser

      @Electric Light It's a medical examination where the doctor checks out your whole body.

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    An icon was born.
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    She was a pretty good actress pre 2007, all the skits she participated in, she always looked very natural and effortless. Crossroads is just to cheesy a movie to judge her acting from.
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    Kurt Cobain, ha power.
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    Celeb News

    Honestly, he seems to be really good for her. I´'m happy for my girl
  11. This. (except the singing part, I find her to be a decent singer at most)
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    First off, you're not a moderator, so please refrain yourself from calling me out on what you consider "being off topic", I was having a conversation with another member which derived partially onto something else. Secondly, I never said it was the number one cause in the USA. It is considered to be around 30% worldwide. https://www.usda.gov/oce/climate_change/science_plan2010/USDA_CCSPlan_120810.pdf The value of life is 100% subjective, which makes your opinion that mice lives are less valuable than humans just as valid as those who think otherwise.
  13. Anne is an A-list actress, you can tell this meant the world to Gaga. So happy for her
  14. jacs vs looser


    You can also live without eating meat: not only will your health (likely) improve, you'll help drastically reduce Co2 emitions (Meat production is the no1 responsable for them). Regarding genetic and biologic rules, let's not forget biology isn't perfect or else there wouldn't be congenital diseases. I do personally feel sorry about the mice, though, but we do kill LOTS of them for all kinds of scientifical research, even those with a lot less immediate human aplications.
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    Well, we kill "innocent animals" for many reasons and I'm not sure this is worse than the killing we do for meat consumption (given its much larger scale and routinary cruelty). I also think that even though the implications of these findings are obviously applicable to the LBGTI community, this "egoism" you talk about pertains to all human beings who have children. I do agree that there should be some ethical limits to science, but drawing the line is just ... very difficult.
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    She did THAT. Isn't Shallow also expected to go top 10 next week? or did I just dream that?
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    Ugh, it's gonna be such a tight race with TOP given their AMA's performance. I really hope Gagz gets the #1 spot not to break her strike, but a #2 wouldn't be bad at all, specially since this is a movie soundtrack and not a "proper" Gaga album (in the traditional sense).
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    I couldn't agree more. She is literally perfect for Broadway. Guess she's really after that EGOT
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    That's really, really good all things considered. Unless there's an actual radio version sans-audience noises, it would do the song no good.
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    Those are incredible openning week numbers! Hopefully predictions are right and it serves longevity too
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    It's so messed up that he gets more money just because he's too fat and old to dance, as if that wouldn't have happened regardless or his marriage to Britney Freaking leech.
  22. "plunges" ... the difference is literally 3% Sometimes you guys are inadvertedly hilarious.
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    .Katie Finneran and Julie Andrews did the best IMO. Jayma Mays' enunciation is just not that good.
  24. It's probably the version that's coming out this Friday, right?