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  1. Photos

    does she ever leave it
  2. It's not better than Xtina but I love it
  3. No
  4. Rumor

    Amazing But shorten that name hoe
  5. The album is upon us then Prepare cause she'll destroy careers
  6. She always takes time between albums, even if they are successful, and I wouldn't call the side projects useless, Telepathy is flawless*** Also, everything with Godtina is a perfect illusion that's her magic
  7. Having a baby IS an excuse and doing side projects takes nowhere near the time creating an album does And who told you she's waiting for something, maybe she's recording the album
  8. What's wrong with an Oreo commercial I think that's great
  9. Photos

  10. Legendtina is flawless and she's taking her time because she had a baby and wants to deliver the album of the decade She's not scared of flopping because it's inevitable
  11. Pray You Catch Me vs. Joanne Hold Up vs. Dancin' in Circles Don't Hurt Yourself vs. Diamond Heart Sorry vs. Perfect Illusion 6 Inch vs. John Wayne Daddy Lessons vs. Sinner's Prayer Love Drought vs. Million Reasons Sandcastles/Forward vs. Angel Down Freedom vs. Come to Mama All Night vs. Hey Girl Formation vs. A-Yo