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  1. Rich Bitch


    I love all of them She's serious this his era
  2. Rich Bitch


    It’s perfect, much better with Demi
  3. Rich Bitch


    What a fucking queen
  4. omg shock1 

    I am in shock, where have you been? shock1 

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    2. Habits

      I have been working a lot, started going to the gym trying to get fit. Been busy living life and travel as well. I plan on a vacation to the UK for a week during summer bey3

    3. Rich Bitch

      omg you are even sexier now, a fit bitch

      Inspiration from Xtina much? xtina3 

    4. Habits

      I have heard that I am skinner, I don't really feel like it oprah14

      But then again I have just been going to the gym for like 2 months

  5. Rich Bitch


    is this finally happening
  6. Rich Bitch

    does she ever leave it
  7. Bella is a queen and her beauty is beyond this world
  8. It's not better than Xtina but I love it
  9. Rich Bitch

  10. Rich Bitch


    Amazing But shorten that name hoe