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  1. Pop Ate My Hearts

    The TanGa photos.
  2. Pop Ate My Hearts


    That is the best thing I've seen all day.
  3. 1. Till The World Ends / Girl Gone Wild 2. Hold It Against Me / Gang Bang 3. Inside Out / I'm Addicted 4. I Wanna Go / Turn Up The Radio (battle of the boring songs tbh) 5. How I Roll / Give Me All Your Luvin' 6. (Drop Dead) Beautiful / Some Girls 7. Seal It With A Kiss / Superstar 8. Big Fat Bass / I Don't Give A 9. Trouble For Me / I'm A Sinner 10. Trip To Your Heart / Love Spent 11. Gasoline / Masterpiece 12. Criminal / Falling Free 13. Up N' Down / Beautiful Killer 14. He About To Lose Me / I Fucked Up 15. Selfish / B-Day Song 16. Don't Keep Me Waiting / Best Friend 10-6
  4. Pop Ate My Hearts

    My mum loves this guy.
  5. Pop Ate My Hearts

    Your opinion is invalid since you stan for Nicki Minaj and she just produced two of the worst albums I've heard in a while.
  6. Pop Ate My Hearts

    21 is great album, but nonetheless, sales =/= quality work. Look at all the songs that slay the iTunes charts yet are some of the worst songs to ever exist.
  7. Pop Ate My Hearts

    Born This Way is the album of the decade tho. What is your suggestion to album of the decade? MDNA? Teenage Dream? Loud? Femme Fatale?
  8. Pop Ate My Hearts

    It's going to happen sooner or later. Probably the latter. Eventually, people are going to get tired and realize their iTunes money is better spent on other things. I, along with many other people, have already gotten tired of her. I stanned hard during Rated R but now it's just...
  9. Pop Ate My Hearts

    Professional footage. Now where's my DVD?
  10. Pop Ate My Hearts

    "THE WILD ONES" 01. Woohoo 02. Chain Reaction 03. Aliens Invading 04. Run Devil Run 05. Mouth 06. Boom Boom Bang 07. Boy Like You 08. D.U.I. 09. Butterscotch 10. Paper Airplane 11. Heart Fall Out 12. Frenzy 13. 31 Seconds Alone 14. Radio Radio Radio 15. Disgusting 16. Amnesia 17. Red Lipstick 18. Starving
  11. Pop Ate My Hearts

    Fierceness at it's finest.
  12. Pop Ate My Hearts

    Judas: 130 Scheiße: 202
  13. Pop Ate My Hearts

    Paparazzi - 80 Bad Romance - 62 Telephone - 62 Judas - 54 Marry the Night - 26
  14. Pop Ate My Hearts

    Yes, she won video of the year for a Marina And The Diamonds video.
  15. Pop Ate My Hearts