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  1. and how are some of these flop bitches more searched than Ke$ha +wtf+
  2. Bieber AGAIN? and this time he came in SECOND oh dear god icant +laughcry+
  3. It made me yawn +laughcry+ and then laugh a little bit when she was smiling dancing around and shit
  4. xx ilove uxx

    lol wut
  5. xx ilove uxx

    +bravo+ but omg he does +laughcry+
  6. Did they ever say anything? +laughcry+
  7. xx ilove uxx

    Still think it's gonna happen sooner or later. +sip+ her and the tea thing icant :lmfao:
  8. xx ilove uxx

    he shouldn't be doing that anyway +laughcry+
  9. xx ilove uxx

    +dead+ He is gonna get so much shit for that icant
  10. LEGIT +laughcry++laughcry++laughcry+
  11. both actually +laughcry+ and ew she can do WAY better than that +wtf+
  12. xx ilove uxx

    They're gonna scrap every song on it aren't they +laughcry+ :lmfao:
  13. xx ilove uxx

    Wasn't telephone a Britney reject? +sip+
  14. Whether it's with No Doubt or solo; it doesn't change the fact that she's amazing. Can't wait for the announcement +excited+
  15. Man DownE already? +sip+ I wasn't one bit shocked at that video tbh. +sip+