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  1. I think I'mma go with Stronger Than Ever. It's difficult for me to relate to lyrics but that song really speaks volumes to me. And yes, Beautiful, also.
  2. OMFG she's just so ahhhh how can someone have so much beauty and brains at once!???? I LOVE HER AHHH AND WTF MY TWEET LEGEND WHY, MY POOR HEART
  3. Heyyy Help me out and RT https://twitter.com/BadlnfluenceX/status/370368747241889792
  4. <3 So glad this is happening. It's getting pretty big actually. Especially the good US sisters, really gotta push for this. So excited.
  5. Excellent. Those two will make a good pair.
  6. Aw nice to hear, try all her albums as they're quite diverse from the last.