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  1. and britney has the consciousness and will to live of a descomposing 100+ year old woman corpse, also, the wrinkles. call it quits sis
  2. yet she looks the same age as britney so you should care lmao
  3. funny how you think you can talk shit bout star power seeing tinashe is still pursuing solo career after flopping with every single she released, bad things is already huge and after camila leaving 5H it wentup on itunes. the group peaked, she left at the right moment and will leech off the controversy to put her name out ther. had she left after 5H3 they hype would of died down. she actually does have charisma and stage prescence but I wont expand on that subject with a britney stan lmao
  4. where? henny i dont have time for your hypocrisy and superiority complex, go listen joanne and enjoy being in my ignore list
  5. you know its sad when all you can rejoice during a current era of your fave is another artist knowing her
  6. henny im not the one that thinks britney can be considered a singer let a alone a better singer than katy or anyone kindly hop off my dick and dont talk shit about delusion
  7. omG!!! wow!!!!!! she said NIGGER°!!!!!!! so racist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!
  8. you're so embarrassing you literally come at me (and camila) because you think its cool to do so and when i drag the shit artists in your awards showcase you shift your argument for dragging because your superiority complex is not enough to defend your talentless flop faves, cringe
  9. no one really drags bleach, i dont see the point of your threads, exit this section please
  10. the only reason y'all drag her is bc y'all know shes a threat to your faves she's more unique than any of yall faves and she will slay with her debut, time to deal with it
  11. she already has so many people pressed tbh this only means she will be HUGE. she's so polarizing thats a good sign tbh. cant wait to watch y'all stan for her debut
  12. ur acting like ariana's success is impressive and hard to reach lmao