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  1. Mint    Benji

    gimme the vid from your avi ill make you a new one 

  2. Mint    Benji

    gimme the vid from your avi ill make you a new one 

  3. Okay honestly? Work that Camila icon. cry6

    1. Benji

      queen of pop cry0

  4. The fuck. I'm listening Alien now. This is def not Britney rip2

    Such a shame it's on this shit of an album with those vocals. Song is great.

  5. The fact that Brit is number 1 right now is nuts. Congrats! 

    1. Benji

      yay congrats gaga stans

      oh wait rise is number one now 

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  6. where's ur Kety award/avi clap1lj1

  7. where's ur Kety award/avi clap1lj1

  8. what a fucking BOP bey6 

  9. I wanna join a Katy forum but I don't feel like getting banned because I stan Gaga as well. ny3

    1. Benji

      there are no kp forums dead4 and the one that there is theyre passive af so you wouldnt get banned. kats are sweet

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  10. Harry-Styles-with-short-hair-main.jpg

    he looks kinda hot with short hair rav1 

  11. I cringe so hard when i see white latinos saying nigga all the time.

  12. ny3 in another life, i would be your boyyyy, we keep all out promises, be us against the world cry0 ny3 

  13. Can't wait for the Adele section