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    lol how can you even compare uncle to that piece of turd
  2. i just think its funny how she thought that dramatically changing her image would give her a hit she stripped down and the music is even worse and is flopping even harder... like... lotus type of flop. when everyone already is over her even to drag her... have you noticed how the joanne era is going under the radar even for her haters? i cbf to drag her anymore, she's doing all the job herself she used to be exciting but now that she's stripped down... there's nothing substancial to her music or her persona... unlike most popstars. at least with artpop there was something to talk about. literally all the gimmicks shes done through the years are what made her famous in the first place. its so sad when you think about it.... her alleged talent or music are not what put her on top in 2009.. it was just her gimmicks...
  3. Benji

    chanel vs. walmart
  4. Benji

    chanel vs walmart
  5. but that's all they are soo...
  6. how is he saying the allegations are fake? he's saying she didn't present it in the court which is true
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    not when we've been having this feeling since the SB she's an activist now its time to deal with it i think
  8. are you sure its us or the first reply always on every thread made by a katy cat?
  9. Britney #29 Madonna #17 Beyonce #25 Christina #87 Rihanna #1 Taylor #1 Gaga #Whatever Guy's position was? 89 or smth like that Katy #1 because she's actually successful unlike the girl above Ariana #5 Lana #99 Kesha #she cant release music lol
  10. Benji

    tbh tldr but i agree as long as its a shitga drag!
  11. i just searched kylie minogue live and the most """""challenging""""" song she could sing is somewhere over the rainbow? also, why is her voice thinner than her chances of being known outside of australia?
  12. maybe if you're a gaga stan or a kylie minogue stan but not irl!
  13. and it would be great if i could take a kylie stan seriously on the matter of singing but i just cant
  14. how is firework a great song its trasha ctually
  15. i wonder if the average gay that doesnt stan any of the artists in the OP that runs to this thread to post katy ddoes it because its my fave and they are obsessed with me or is it katy they're obsessed with? either way not a good look!
  16. PS. ngl I only made this thread to drag gaga but wowh lawd is it hard to find a good song of her
  17. Benji

    rebounded into what exactly
  18. Benji

    fattina started working with max martin after katy smashed with TD
  19. Benji

    pop music legends are remembered for their music, not for shaving their heads and going cuckoo, thats like saying lindsay lohan is a hollywood legend
  20. Benji

    yes we all know katy changed the music landscape and everyone tried to go her route sonically but failed to deliver her success, pretty much like britney with FF also katy writes her own songs.. and sings them. she aint no myah marie henny
  21. Benji

    i cant take letty's role in the FAF movies seriously after this mess
  22. the video is cringey, there's no hook, the lyrics are as try hard as possible and the horns through the whole song are so 2007 like i know most faves have at least one shit song but this, even among her mediocre discography is a new low, i didnt even remember it existed too (thankfully) until it was just brought up to me the worst part is that it has the same title as justins best bop and that it came after Lesbo For The Sales which was a low key bop ya know, one of those songs thats your guilty pleasure but in public act like you dont know it bc its too embarrassing and so is the singer