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  1. Benji

    Loves them both! hah2 Bullshit
  2. Benji

    OMFG +laughcry+
  3. Benji

    She's so beautiful... She looks like Taylor Momsem on the first photo tbh
  4. Benji

    The decade goes from 1999-2009 ... 1999 and 2004 are in the same decade +laughcry+
  5. Benji


    He is very very talented. He used to be a cute kid tbh.
  6. Benji


    Soo... It's been confirmed that WTSGD will actually have a 3rd single And it will be We Own The Night +love+
  7. Now Gaga invented nudity ...
  8. Benji

    Ugh,she never will get tired of releasing one albums per year. I wish Xtina Could adopt her work ethic .
  9. HA! Is that even a source? Yet still, the show is a hit .
  10. Benji

    So exiting!
  11. Hope it's not a baby +laughcry+ So sad she dont want any other solo work. I am Sooooooooooo Exited.
  12. Benji

    I dont like Gaga but you are an Artist! amazing job,9.79/10
  13. Benji


    Luv her x Especially Kiss and Tell.
  14. Benji


    My Favorites songs are in Tragic Kingdom.
  15. Benji

    OMG,I love it. She has so many Gif-s situations
  16. Benji

    Well...I think its the best xtina-s album to date (Excluding Stripped)
  17. Benji


    Hello,im new here Is this the OT isnt it?
  18. Walk Away 37+ Fighter 32 Infatuation 22 Loving Me 4 Me 10 Impossible 14 Beautiful 36 Make Over 18 Cruz 24 Get Mine, Get Yours 27 - Dirrty 38 The Voice Within 16 I'm OK 46
  19. Benji

    Till the World Ends 37 + I Wanna Go 35-
  20. Benji

    Womanizer 27 Circus 48 Out From Under 24 Shattered Glass 36 If U Seek Amy 36 Unusual You 44 Blur 34 Mannequin 52 Phonography 16 Amnesia 18 Trouble 10 Quicksand 41
  21. Benji

    BTW is a thousand miles behind FF.
  22. Benji

    I dont care too much about sales i just enjoy the music,but today seems to be very important so i wish the best to coldplay.