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    queen of endorsements and side projects
  2. so substance no substance ok sis1
  3. they share the fact that britney is neither
  4. better to work with 50 songwriters and 100 producers than to make shit music like shitga! soz not soz
  5. Benji

    of course tho, the rules only apply when the drags are against gaga and keshit. so yeah this thread is irrelevant but watch a new rule being "not dragging artists for flopping with an album named after a deceased aunt of said artist" or "not coming for artists' fake rape accusations"
  6. Benji

    its so fucking idiotic to ban body shaming, fat people deserve everything thats on there way and they have it coming. if a fav is fat its no ones fault but there own, death is not controllable. infertility drags are equally gross. Mod Notice Do not discuss warnings
  7. so what's the background of your fave? did she start from the bottom, from scratch had to make her way up to the top by her talent alone like madonna, katy and rih? madonna and katy had similar stories tbh hardcore religious families, humble social status, moved on their own with NO money when they were teenagers to pursue their dreams as artists, and had been dropped several times before making it HUGE. katy basically lived under a rock as a child because her parents banned everything. so inspiring rih's story i still dont understand how she did it lol or does she come from a wealthy state and upper class, was privileged and did she have it easy in her rise to fame like gaga, taylor, beyonce, britney, etc.? inspired by an atrl thread
  8. yeah i noticed this their all bitter that kesha is a less talented flop lite version of katy
  9. Benji

    feminism has nothing to do with calling out women, so women cant be dragged otherwise your sexist!?
  10. Benji

    as a feminist, i do agree that she's a desperate cunt
  11. Benji

    sure jan. stay quiet.
  12. Benji

    idk probably since she's been outselling beyonce since her debut and sold more hits in a span of 3 eras than your fave in her career, and snatched more number ones in two years than your fave did in 20 years? not to mention her brand is only becoming bigger, and shes not an overrated local act like your fave! anyway i fail to see how this thread is something to brag about. all faves have achieved this or eventually will
  13. Benji

    hate not being able to be part of these threads just because my stupid fav dropped her music career and decided to become a full time activist
  14. no one undermines her ever, in fact with that last paragraph sounds like ur overrating her power and importance in pop music
  15. it was serious but these privileged white european people started fetichizing brazilian ppl also, ive heard of her bc of tove lo
  16. Mod Notice Do not insult celebrities' children.
  17. also what a 12 year old boy looks like what a sexy, confident, beautiful woman looks like what your older relative prob looks like
  18. just realised im discussing with a heidi montag stan
  19. also prism sold over 4m(which is pretty much more than any pop girl except taylor and adele) and I want receipts for 1989 selling over 10m in PURE sales
  20. when is britney coming to your city bae
  21. erm english versions of songs that already are in another language suck
  22. kasfjaslkfjasflka is that what pop music sounds like in eastern europe
  23. nnnnn no one calls her that anymore and you know damn well that no katy cat was for real with that, unlike u monsters who actually believe that TFM will keep shitga relevant forever and bring it up every single time
  24. also the latina madonna who just released a new vid
  25. are there some FLOP artists that are unheard of that you'd recommend? if so post them here ukrainian or some shit brazilian italian australian (low key ANOTHER birthday ripoff, even katys flops are influential omg ) post your faves