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    average means nothing because katy did more dates in smaller venues? the demand for the PWT was huge so why the fuck are you coming for it? the difference in gross is barely 50m even though its katy's second tour and beyonce has been touring for 20 fucking years also, thank you for bringing up grammy's, never seen that before! also not you low key confirming got ones cause she bought them btw
  2. Benji

    camila is cuban and selena is american. you're a fucking disgusting racist pig
  3. Benji

    ummm wow
  4. Benji

    tour gross is not comparable, how about u compare attendance lol also funny how you're not denying any of the other facts i pointed out
  5. Benji

    considering bey's sales are the pits and she and jay created tidal only to inflate her (and there labels artists) numbers with fake streaming you should bet thankful i brought that up also, katy's second tour is about the same size as beyonce's tour, someone who's been in the industry for 20something years, and has lesser hits despite releasing thrice the amount of records as katy??
  6. Benji

    how not? dh alone outsells every record off ST and lemonade inculding the albums sold combined? also why do katy's flops such as TIHWD get bigger streaming numbers than bey's?
  7. Benji

    no its not, receipts for every girl using it? katy's bubblegum pop was the footprint for pop music from 2010 to 2014 arguably and she started trends. what did beyonce do besides releasing albums by surprise and buying grammys?
  8. Benji

    so instagram hashtags are what make her memorable? how is that changing the industry? no one remembers that
  9. Benji

    So katy isnt memorable just because you say so? Ok, very relevant. but her accolades say otherwise! not to mention shes much more successfull and global than bey but you seem to fail to aknowledge that and mention only grammys!
  10. Benji

    and its the opposite just cus you say so? okay very relevant
  11. Benji

    and still no memorablia since single ladies? wow
  12. lol this is so much better bc daddy ansel is in it
  13. yall internet gays need to stop fetichizing brasilian ppl
  14. Benji

    considering people actually buy her music and not gaga's i'd say its just you who dont know her
  15. they actually buy the shit they spew
  16. Benji

    1 The Weeknd - Starboy (feat. Daft Punk)1.0000 2 Rae Sremmurd - Black Beatles (feat. Gucci Mane)0.9905 3 Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello - Bad Things$ 0.9447 camila wasnt going to happen? that her tone is unbearable and not fit for radio? her second top 20 song as a solo artist IKWYDLS was already a streaming (the future of music, ppl wont buy songs anymore) MONSTER and sold around 2m ww7 and now this and whats worse with a song as bad as this and every1 hates MGK so its only camilas power selling this song why is she getting a hit before even leaving the band? i mean not even beyoncce or JT could do that! only the lead singer in the most global girl group in the world since the spice girls queen is coming for the main pop girl spot in a few years
  17. demi truly is like the ´punching bag of pop music
  18. the delusion keeps pouring
  19. here's your answer: is mariah global?
  20. you can keep it but stop ridiculing yourself
  21. Benji

    lol okay sis
  22. this is embarrassing and ur running out of arguments. no one thinks of pop music like that
  23. have you been replaced by an upgrade?