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  1. Would someone PLEASE help a FOTP alumni out. I desperately need each song on Google Drive or a site I can use to download from my kindle. The main site I keep finding will not download on my kindle. I need this so bad, ya'll. Please help a gurl out.
  2. I was with you all the way... until you decided to come for my queen, Sour Candy. You better change your wrong opinion, henny. 😘
  3. 1. Babylon (BOP, but does not BELONG on Chromatica) 2. Sine From Above (I need an Elton-free version ASAP) 3. Replay (Execution did not live up to the concept, something is just off about the song... has cool moments, but lyrics are really bad.) I would have been happy if all 3 had been cut, tbqh. Chromatica would then be a perfect album.
  4. I would agree, but I just don't feel she fully explored the world of Chromatica. There was so much untapped potential. It hurts me to think of the places she could have taken it. I appreciate what she gave us, but it also didn't feel like it had a proper sendoff to the world she created. A second album, b-side, or even an EP could remedy that. I thirst for it. The idea makes me quake. I am erupting with desire to see "Chromatica 2" (TBA) come to fruition. Please... can we please make this happen? We must convince the Gagz.
  5. 1. Alice 2. 911 3. Sour Candy (second single) 4. Rain On Me (lead single) 5. Free Woman (third single) 6. 1000 Doves (final single) Stupid Love was a Target bonus. Enigma and Fun Tonight demos leaked. Babylon was saved and used on a future project.
  6. They once called me that around these parts, yes. I can't help but come back around whenever Gaga graces us with her briliance.
  7. I thought about the Chromatica II dillema and said... fuck it. I'm drunk and high and don't care that much. 😂
  8. Dream Chromatica Follow up? Title: Return to Chromatica (October 2020, Delayed to June 1, 2021) Main producers: Bloodpop, Sophie, Daft Punk*. Guest producers: Grimes*, Will.I.Am*, Skrillex*, Gaga. Other Guest features: Britney, Azealia Banks, Caroline Polachek, Madonna, Poppy, Blackpink, Lana Del Rey. * Also feature on song(s) Track list: 1. Chromatica IV 1:23 (Daft Punk produced) 2. Onion Girl 4.20 (featuring Caroline Polachek) (Bloodpop) 3. Blue Flame 2:52 (featuring Azealia Banks) (Gaga produced) 4. State of the Art 3:40 (feat. Poppy
  9. Born This Way (9.5/10) = Chromatica (9.5/10) > ARTPOP (8.5/10) > Joanne (8/10) > The Fame (7.5/10) > The Fame Monster (7/10) All her albums have moments that keep them from being perfect, but Born This Way and Chromatica are the 2 albums that get closest (the first 8 songs of Chromatica are pop perfection, and had it stopped there, it would have gotten a 10/10). For now, it's hard to choose either Born This Way or Chromatica. But it's clear that Chromatica is an evolution of what Gaga learned from all of the best moments from all of her past albums -
  10. Sine From Above... ...is trash. After repeated listens, Rain On Me and Sour Candy are two of Gaga's best songs ever. Too early to choose... ...but I know it isn't Sine From Above.
  11. Sour Candy, then Free Woman, and finish with 1000 Doves. Those are the ones that stick out as the best 3 choices (for me - from my first listen to the full album). ⚡ There are others that could probably do well. I would be VERY intrigued to see how 911 was received. 🤔 I'm begging for us to just pretend Sine From Above and Babylon don't exist. Please? 👀
  12. Alice vs. Aura Stupid Love vs. Venus Rain On Me vs. G.U.Y. Free Woman vs. Sexxx Dreams Fun Tonight vs. Jewels N' Drugs 911 vs. MANiCURE Plastic Doll vs. ARTPOP Sour Candy vs. Swine Enigma vs. Donatella Replay vs. Fashion! Sine From Above vs. Mary Jane Holland 1000 Doves vs. Dope Babylon vs. Gypsy Love Me Right vs. Applause Chromatica: 8 ARTPOP: 6
  13. Ya'll gays are WILD. Babylon is not IT. It is such a disappointing final track. It's just too damn random, goofy, and... well... gay. It's like it was created specifically to be a number on Drag Race or Glee, not to finish off the masterpiece of an album that Chromatica is. I would have preferred if it had either been a bonus track or scrapped completely. It's not a bad track... in fact, it is kinda a bop... BUT it just completely takes me out of the world of Chromatica. 1000 Doves would have been infinitely preferred to send off the album... ...or that myst
  14. Like, that bitch has possessed us all. If she hasn't yet, she's coming for you. I can't take this flawless fucking album. Joanne has grabbed me by the pussy better than Trump ever could. Joanne has grabbed The Fame, The Fame Monster, Born This Way, ARTPOP, and Cheek to Cheek by the fucking pussy... and spit on their graves. Yet she graced me with LIFE. I am full on life. Fucking Joanne is everything we never thought Gaga could give us. But we were so thirsty. This is literally instantly her best album. This will be seen as her magnum opus. Thi