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  1. Sometimes being cute isn't the best look Overall we still live in a homophobic, racist, transphobic, ignorant world. If your cute ass doesn't want a coming out party, thats great, no more forward-thinking or less-value in your decision than deciding to "come out" where people find the strength in saying it out loud and getting the inner validation of accepting themselves. Stop devaluing other peoples choices specially about being gay, since your gay ass knows exactly whats it like or at least have the power to put oneself into others shoes. Specially considering so many people are still afraid to live in an open gay relationship even in the most gay accepting parts of the world.
  2. Adding to this + people also live outside of UK in Russia or Uganda, as he put it, and they might see this video and find strength in it
  3. since people still have to feel this vulnerable when saying it out loud, yes we are still making it a big deal! just cause you're a season queen already, dont mean others have it easy nowadays, so stop being a smartass
  4. it says in the titles Cameron from BB UK, its a coming out moment a lot of people have to go trough, so stop being annoying by being fake stupid
  5. Yes agree. It turned me off so much when you can distinctly see when Av come on shes on a green screen and than you can clearly see her body double. Otherwise im so happy, i certainly didnt expect such success and all of the #1
  6. Agree, i dont know if i have it on repeat cause its been so long or cause its a really nice song.vi can really feel it. its a great song. cant wait for the whole album.
  7. Nino


    when are they releasing the album?
  8. same, tired to buy it the same second it was uploaded on yt but it was too soon apparently cause i got some error lol but it went trough later to be hones i do miss that kesha praying moment in the song. its very powerful but i lacks a climax
  9. Nino


    love the 1975, love this song love the songs from the new album so far.
  10. its a lot more rock-ish than i expected and after a few listens its really heavy and catchy and strong
  11. the goddess finally came to save our souls from eternal damnation