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  1. this was actually really hard for me listen. this is so raw and emotional and shes been so open about her life and depression and everything. but even that aside the song hits you with your own drama and life events its a really powerful song and hard to actually enjoy it for me tbh, it makes tears fall down my cheek every time i listen to it
  2. But theres more...
  3. i can live off of only this song AND video for about a month and nothing else. hayley giving me life, thank you!
  4. This Taylor news gave me chills
  5. Nino


    For me, I really like the song until it gets to the b-b-b-b bartender, it just sounds like a bad stutter and it takes you out of the song vibe
  6. I am open to whatever this ends up being. Give me life again please
  7. Nino


    she just needs to get her a nice girlfriend instead and leave those boys behind
  8. Nino


    kinda pressed about this tour, not only its seating only, its super expensive and it sold out too fast. Get your shit together!
  9. This was a very predicable but quite good 1st season. I was entertained very much and all the queens were so special and good and unpolished, it was a nice refresher. The only thing that bugged me was the no rewards deal, all the queens were robbed since they were so good and so ready to wing and play a good game. Happy to see there will be a second season.
  10. Nino


    CAnt relate, this season was just a joke after a joke and a lame joke at that. Stupid plot hole with even more ridicules developments. It had none of the AHS feeling, it was more like Scream Queens gone gore for a second then back to a stupid parody. I enjoy cult classics vibes and themes but this was just so bad it took me out of it every episode. Id rather wait 2 years for them to actually bring it with a new and fresh season than this try hard jumping on a mainstream bandwagon while crashing hard mess. and i say this with love lol cause I use to stan AHS
  11. Nino


    I wish this season hadn't existed lol
  12. Ive seen it, it was terrible. If it wasn't for those gorg Angelina closeups and Michelle Pfeiffer I would walk out of the movies.
  13. Nino


    I bought a ticket for her show in vienna im so happy
  14. Nino


    i love how Hayley turned gay ever since GDY, queen of undeground gays