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  1. I agree, overlooking all the obvious pressed comments about Lana personally, the actual album review made some solid points.
  2. what the fuck this is so ignorant. my bf is BI and he is openly BI, currently in a monogamous relationship with me, a guy. He isnt hiding his sexual preference, he is BI, not gay for me and straight if he would want to be with a girl. He is openly BI, how is that hiding his sexual preference? BI just means you are attracted to both genders, not an excuse to cheat with the opposite sex when you want lol xD What the fuck does cheating even have to do with sexual preference, EVERYONE fucking cheats, its not called bisexuality its called douchebaggery
  3. Discussion

    Its starting to grow on me, I still need to listen it on my headphones. Usually that does the trick for me
  4. A few days off from the studio, to be precize. I hope shes in the production stage of her album and not still recording
  5. Discussion

    @ Groupie Love I subconsciously keep singing "you want, my pussy loveeee"
  6. Photos

    it looks like a serial killers wife mugshot
  7. Game

    how the fuck are Get Free, Heroine and Tomorrow Never Came top for some ppl
  8. Other

    ^me running into this threat to agree!
  9. Discussion

    Who can leak an album like this? Legitimate question, just wondering.
  10. Celeb News

    updated links?
  11. Highlight of this era so far is Love, music video. The worst is the visuals. Album booklet/photoshoot is the worst. Aka. album is more professional. Not this LFL "behind the scenes" crap vibe. Everything else is very very underwhelming.
  12. Discussion

    Both okay songs, but they dont really excite me too much :/
  13. Single

    Leaving some love here, because I love the song and the video. Will be waiting for the album and if it's as strong as this song I will definitely buy it
  14. So, I saw Paramore live last night for the first time for their Tour One in Vienna
  15. cute. love you got on board with no friend 🙌