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  1. I hope all racists self-harm for white supremacy and end their existence in 2018
  2. Whats your age?
  3. i started watching only for the queerness but it got too abc family soap-opera after a while so I stopped. its nice to see it still has a following tho. tv needs a positive queer representation
  4. why dont they never attach clear faces of these disgusting vile pieces of shits that do this to another human being...
  5. i am living rn everything about this is gold the way it misspells, the camera angle, how she disintegrated her with that response, the picture still at the end of the video!!!! i just wanna spam this threat with whitney gifs
  6. EW buzzfeed, really http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/pink-reveals-daughter-6-wants-11629738 if anyone wants to read from the source
  7. Discussion

    What are her saddest songs, most emotional, powerful ballads? I really love and know about If I Were A Boy, Pretty Hurts, Sandcastles, Why Don't You Love Me (i duno this song just triggers my anxiety and depression lol)
  8. Being a sexist asshole is wrong, there is no sugarcoating, "Because everyone in the States does it" fuck you! I dont know why some of you are so shock by this and thinking its dumb. DOWN with every oppression, enough with the stupid "where is the line" bullshit. WE KNOW where the line is and being sexist is over the line. Arrest him!