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  1. what the fuck i didnt know this existed in lanas discography
  2. Yes please edit the song over the video. Cut the scenes shorter and it will fit like a glove!!!!
  3. Why y'all commenting on someone else's body like that, smh and if you still judge people based on their body in your rl, mature your brain bitch
  4. oh, right, the album is already out, i forgot about it
  5. i fucking hate how much i love this on just the first listen this innocent act is getting so fucking annoying but then this is a bop and i dont know what to do
  6. Beautiful! The choreo was perfect. I could feel the emotions through the dancers. And I cant at the P!nk hate, when she is such a strong supporter of equality for so long now without making it feel she does it to benefit from it.
  7. I hope the majority of the people get recognized and identified and fired from their jobs and exposed for their racist nazi asses. Its just scary to think what they will do with their free time afterwards. I know the line between wrong and kinda wrong is blurred as fuck but when someone displays obvious racism, there should be a consequence and they should NOT walk freely among society. If racism isn't a crime, then what the fuck are we doing with humanity.
  8. I just hope we get quality music from her now that she completely changed her team. If she does this right, she can have a great comeback. THe GP changed a lot since the last time she was on the scene and I think she has the nostalgia power and the meme power to return with people supporting her. And please Avril speak up. Be loud. Make noise. With the world so fucked up, I just need you to stand for what is right.
  9. Other

    i loved her reaction, super cute
  10. I saw her at the Sziget festival yesterday and holy fuck she is back better than ever. Her energy and performance was fucking on point from beginning to end. She rocked it out hard with such a positive, happy vibe. I got 3 high fives from her She danced a lot and went in the air for So What. The stage was amazing. Voodoo style. She had some new visuals and videos accompanying some songs, the dancers wore huge cutouts of her head for How Come Youre Not Here if I recal correctly. The only disaster was Blow Me, she did this remix, normal Blow Me lyrics with this salsa music and it so didnt fit she keept messing up the words 😁😬 Setlist https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/pnk/2017/obudai-sziget-budapest-hungary-33e51cf1.html And some official photos (i dont take pics at concerts) https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156653591718975&id=11406223974
  11. Single

    Thank you ❤️😘 Queen P!nk brought me back to life 🙌🏼
  12. When I text, I use different coloured emojis, from white to black, just randomly, but I'm just white. Is that racist, am I doing blackface? 🤔