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  1. Nino

    I finally got to listening the album and fuck me hard i am shock, slay me queen, yas, please give it to me without pause! I had the album on repeat for 3 days now.
  2. ¸People disgust me and the world is full of idots that need to stop living and poisoning the world and if this makes me prejudice as well i will happily go down with the ship for a better tomorrow
  3. Nino

    i hope the soon really comes soon
  4. Nino

    im still living for AL y'all
  5. I'm so upset at her. Fuck off lana and her team. Go back to US *smh
  6. I don't think people of her age should be taught not to use the n word. There are lines and not all racist get the excuse of "not knowing better" or "they are just being ignorant, lets educate them into better people". She used the n word with every knowledge of its meaning and weight. Actions have consequences and she need to take the shit she so loudly and proudly vomits into the world
  7. I hope all racists self-harm for white supremacy and end their existence in 2018
  8. Whats your age?
  9. i started watching only for the queerness but it got too abc family soap-opera after a while so I stopped. its nice to see it still has a following tho. tv needs a positive queer representation
  10. why dont they never attach clear faces of these disgusting vile pieces of shits that do this to another human being...