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  1. shit i love it, way better than Head Above Water tbh
  2. I like I Like America & America Likes Me now
  3. Nino

    ah i know how you feel. i just got this new job well now its not new anymore but yeah, i am totally splurging on the things i love and i dont care cause i know how its like with no money your day will come
  4. Nino

  5. I wanted to do a ranking of my favs but I cant the are all so good the only song i cant get into is I like America, the autotune is a bit to strong on that one for me atm
  6. cinematic parallels with Be My Mistake tho
  7. its such a beautiful soothing calm and sad record i love it (its gonna be my christmas and new years cry to album for sure)
  8. fuck cant wait to listen to it. i have it already on my phone. hope it lives up to my expectations that are very high based of off the singles, track-by-track insight by Matty and yall comments bitches better watch out
  9. Nino

    Is anybody seeing her on tour in Europe? Im going to Vienna, Warsaw and Munich
  10. Nino

    comw with the tix are kinda cheat tbh, 43 eur, standing