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  1. Nino

    Music Video

    i hate it
  2. Nino

    Wasn't she in Abu Dhabi for the special Olympics and also performing one day earlier? She did send a cute lill message on her insta story.
  3. lol im from slovnenia and its the first time im hearing about it and this is brutal
  4. i love the video and the song. im starting to become a real Carly stan, these new songs bop and her emotions albums is soooo good
  5. Love the song and video i just dont understand the drag queens and rupaul lyric references, just feels like jumping on the bandwagon move
  6. this is bullshit tho, butthurt people getting butthurt cause they're no longer first in line
  7. Gurl it doesnt cut off the credits it just recommends the next movie/show if you're that interested in the credits you can just full screen them back on
  8. Nino


    So what now, are any of you bitches going to any concert in Europe in the summer or what?
  9. its nice i guess, not my fave from her discography so far
  10. Nino


    same. plus shes getting suspended from a cage like thing and sings this one verse song. I am so disappointed. She could have at least walked among the stage and give fans high fives or something during walk me home
  11. Nino


    which was a crime against the gays and i will not forget it easily
  12. Nino

    yeah agree, they sound nice and they just seem like more upbeat songs that were cut before the final edit. the warrior demo has that production you hear in these songs. i love the acoustic version of warrior tho, so good