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  1. P!nk

    What are your feelings about the album after a few weeks?
  2. Paramore

    i feel this album most out of all, it hits me right in everything i am living as a person, please make more of this music
  3. Music Video Paramore: Fake Happy [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

    after laughter and paramore are the epitome of 2017 i love this band so much
  4. Music Video Paramore: Fake Happy [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  5. P!nk

  6. Tegan and Sara

    I love Love you to death, its so lightweight and fun and I wish there were more songs. Its a nice vibe album, the whole sound fits together. for the con covers, i don really care much except for Hayley and Cyndi
  7. Tegan and Sara

    I miss them so much. ive seen them twice now in concert and I need more, their concerts are perfection
  8. Discussion LDR won’t add new dates to the new tour

  9. Discussion 2018 “World” (European/Australian) Tour dates

    is this bitch trying to make me turn in my stan card?
  10. Discussion European and Australian tour dates to be announced Monday, on sale Wednesday

  11. P!nk

    Oh and im so excited for SNL tomorrow. I hope she gets a sketch where she punches Donald in the face or something in the lines of mocking her own tweet about him
  12. P!nk

    Yes id does feel very genuine, this album. Shes been doing very pop songs for a while now so i dont mind it or were shocked. she kills with her voice in pop songs. hahaha yeah secrets is, i dont understand the song, but it is growing on me xD oh yes, Barbies, Wild Hears is on top for me as well now. Its an amazing album, it really is. I also love that 2000s sound on Whatever you like or Better life and some other songs. I guess the only thing I do miss is the statements Pink. What about us was so pink so I was expecting more or that on the album and because of the times we're living in. I cant wait to go out and blast the album on my headphones today tho! thank you, good to be back among legends
  13. P!nk

    On the first listen I was very confused and more than half of the songs reminded me of artists like Sia, Katy Perry, Lady Ga Ga, fun. and Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift. So its safe to say its a very very pop album. Which I was expecting. On second listen I likes the majority of the songs. I was disappointed at first but I know the more I will listen to the album the more I'll like it. Vocally its her best album, her voice is stunning and so powerful. My faves are Whatever you want, What about us, Revenge, Beautiful Trauma, Better Life for now. Some ballads as well, but I'm still now familiar enough with them
  14. Miley Cyrus

    I love this new album. I was very resilient accepting this new direction cause I loved dead petz, like a lot, a lot! but i gave it a chance since younger now and malibu got stuck in my head and i love it, its a real boop and a great album altogether. faves are younger now, malibu, rainbowland, thinking and bad mood. I really cant get into week without you tho, just not feeling it somehow.
  15. P!nk | Whatever You Want | October 5th, 2017

    Can someone pm a dl link? Pretty please 🙏🏻❤️