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  1. Nino

    I bought a ticket for her show in vienna im so happy
  2. Nino

    This seems like something FOTP needs queen1 Easy just choose if you would rather spit or swallow the thing user from above wrote and write down something for the next player wonka1 Would you spit or swallow Your fav's sweat
  3. Nino

    i love how Hayley turned gay ever since GDY, queen of undeground gays
  4. Nino


    Venice Bitch is prob my all time fav Lana song she ever made.
  5. Nino

    i love all of those i have a major crush on York tho that developed during AL
  6. Nino

    yeah, the whole vibe of that album missed me. worst songs they ever made were careful and all i wanted
  7. Nino

    I cant reallz rank the albums all i know is bne is def bottom for me but awkis is def top. when i put that album on i need to listen to every song cuase it makes me feel like an angsty emo teen i use to be lol and it still brings me life to this day
  8. Nino

    fuck you just gave me nostalgia of the good ol days on this forum lol i miss them so much. i put on after laughter every once and a while and them i immediately fall into a Pmore hole starting with their 1st album and put their entire discography on shuffle. fuck that makes me whole for a second
  9. Nino

    fuck i was there too lol! we were the group in costumes xD
  10. Nino

    Saw her too and i completely agree, she's so effortless on stage and her intros are amazing, the strong women what about us into made me cry and then the what about us performance made me weep lol. fuck i wish i could go to every single show, thats how great she is live which city were you at?
  11. love it! and i will kill someone if they dont do this tour anywhere near me in europe
  12. Nino

    cant wait!!! been getting into those feat. with Matthew Dear, they are so good. Hope they deliver something between the con and love u 2 death in totally 90 inspired vibes, like their book.
  13. been listening to those leaks that didnt make the album and fuck those songs are so good, better then some that are on the album tbh, i cant with her lol
  14. Nino


    i just found this song and it changed mylife
  15. mhm, i bet we get a random video with clips from a tv film or show for i feel in love w/ the devil
  16. lol she's a bigger mess each album, gotta love a messy queen i guess
  17. just another Avril era, no surprise tbh all that i hope for now is actually a good music video and not another gywyl flop
  18. Nino

    i wish the actual forum was this active instead of this whiny pressed bullshit peps think they need to spill in this section on a daily
  19. Nino

    Music Video

    i hate it
  20. Nino

  21. Nino

    Wasn't she in Abu Dhabi for the special Olympics and also performing one day earlier? She did send a cute lill message on her insta story.
  22. lol im from slovnenia and its the first time im hearing about it and this is brutal
  23. Love the song and video i just dont understand the drag queens and rupaul lyric references, just feels like jumping on the bandwagon move