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  1. ...when you're trying to look like a good guy, but you're just protecting your career. Charlie seems like as much of a hot mess as Bella.
  2. This is all so sad. I'm with the world in being heartbroken.
  3. So happy for them, but this girl must be TIRED. It seems like she is constantly pregnant!
  4. He wrote so many beautiful songs. They live on and on. I am so sad right now.
  5. It just seems like she is on a mission to self destruct. I feel bad about her miscarriage, but I can't feel bad about the insane hate that she inflicts all over the world.
  6. There has been so little news this weekend about her condition. I'm hoping that it means that she's gradually getting better. She is such a brilliant woman. I just read her most recent book. I got my life from her words.
  7. I am so in love with this album. I cannot stop listening. Every song feels like a letter from Gaga. Absolute perfection.
  8. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Wonderland.... the best song she has ever recorded
  10. This song is one of the best that Madonna has done in years. I can't get enough of it.
  11. For real! Sounds like someone has noticed that even her deepest stans have abandoned her. I wonder what her new name and image will be? Verbalicious < Natalia Kills Then again, there's always a Gaga cover band in Vegas she can join. #Over