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  1. Utopia (2017) Megarate

    might extend the deadline to 9th December so ppl can digest it more!
  2. Charts Madonna's most streamed album on Spotify

    her third best album reigns supreme!
  3. Utopia (2017) Megarate

    2 Weaks Ohr Elsa
  4. FOTP Big Brother 7

    I was TRULY the queen of TERRIBLE twists or UNDESERVED eliminations.. BB4: Hannah todl Saiga 2 switch up the game when he wans't planning 2 vote me BB6: The ugly jury twist??? who the fuq??? I was playing a perfect floaters game 2 win
  5. FOTP Big Brother 7

  6. FOTP Big Brother 7

    glad 2 be one of the best 2 ever not win
  7. Björk | Utopia | 10th Studio Album | November 2017

    ??yeah I literally think the 'overproduced' moments are the best. Loss is a masterpiece n the best song she's done 4 me since maybe Unison/Hidden Place
  8. Björk | Utopia | 10th Studio Album | November 2017

    maybe its bcos I'm not familiar with Arca's solo work but I personally love Loss/Sue Me. I love experimental electronic tho so I'm very bias. I'd put this just below Vulnicura and above Debut in my rankings. it's a solid album to me!
  9. Utopia (2017) Megarate

    well u have 2 weeks!
  10. Utopia (2017) Megarate

    THANK u Claimstaker* instead of Forever every1
  11. Best song on Utopia?

    not this cunt putting Loss below first AND second fucking idiot
  12. Best song on Utopia?

    wtf is the best song on this god sent album?!?!?!?!? does Loss obviously take the cake or ru delusional?
  13. Utopia (2017) Megarate

    ok that wasn't the fifth one either. Saint/Features Creatures/Blissing Me did a shart on them
  14. Utopia (2017) Megarate

    4/5 right
  15. Utopia (2017) Megarate

    posting this early/the album hasn't been released SO dont feel rushed to do this ASAP. you have approximately two weeks to get your rates in!