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  1. @Aidan. my CD still hasn't arrived
  2. Kylie section will stay forever
  3. Ya'll playing hard this season and I love it
  4. here

    Song of the year


  5. Fan rankings: 1. Liam 2. The rest Impact and I'm not even on the season
  6. For a second I thought Hannah had decided to make me the shock entry again
  7. Achievement

    Feels So Good ended careers
  8. Discussion

    I concur
  9. Aidan to every song: it's an amazing song wig went It isn't as bad as If Only though! Literally so vile, bland and boring
  10. I thought Mr President was going to be some political anthem The 8-bit production in that chorus is so vile G.O.D speaks the fucking truth!
  11. According to Liamcritic rankings, it isn't even in her top five best albums Maybe! Are they any good?
  12. I want Q4 sales
  13. Ok see you in 2020