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  1. I never listened to The Slow Rush properly but It Might Be Time plays at work everyday and I enjoy it immensely
  2. I did not enjoy KiCk i the way I enjoyed Mutant or self titled tbh! Roisin, Jessie, Lianne, Haim all fine choices
  3. SAWAYAMA deserved more and this is why @Hunty Bear did a poopy on your list
  4. SAWAYAMA gorgeous some members of Reycism do not understand the excellence
  5. I moderate a Björk server if anyone is interested in joining: https://discord.gg/PmAkYa
  6. If you are looking for an alternative to the section I moderate a Kylie Discord server: https://discord.gg/aDV9hX
  7. Toxic made it to the top ten despite Britney being blacklisted on radio. I think considering the circumstances chart positions mean nothing
  8. I am ready for the second coming of the Al Kylieda
  9. I have never seen this wtf but also HTD being performed a year ago
  10. omg this was so awkward. both him and Carmen are whackjobs
  11. I have claimed this avatar mwah