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  1. Discussion

    me n @Lachlan
  2. here

    Younger Now snatched song of the year so far for me sorry1 

  3. wow I FUCKING live for this. she really is turning me into a stan this era
  4. her 2nd best unreleased behind Take Me With God
  5. Album

    its a fucking crime that Wavy is only 1:16. the intro gives me fucking goosebumps btw best songs on the album are: Normal Girl Anything The Weekend Pretty Little Birds
  6. Event

    @Aidan. I am disgusted that Nothing Can Stop Us is at #111 so add my 11 to that NOW!!!
  7. Green Inferno (featuring Sky Ferreira)
  8. Discussion

    iomg I come into a thread with @Lachlan trying to deny drag race from his life. he tries 2 hard
  9. here

    stop I didn't know this song existed until day and its such a bop!!


    1. #Music

      wow wow WOW

  10. doesn't she dislike IP cos of the negative backlash it unfairly got?
  11. someone please fucking gif 3:45-3:49
  12. Event

    give me one of the fillers
  13. Event

    same I give Closer a 11 too
  14. Event

    I Miss You