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  1. Liam

    it literally was gaining 10m plays a day, no one in the music business can sustain that for over a week besides maybe Drake
  2. Liam

    ummmm Stay Long Love You shits stay mad
  3. I love Caution but I wouldn't say it matches Music or Confessions On A Dance Floor personally
  4. Liam

    it has a chance to reenter top 100!! without streaming tho it will be hard
  5. Liam

    watched Drowned World in full today with our shitty admin!! her second best tour
  6. add to that Rihanna had suspensions with square panels for ANTi tour
  7. she didnt design the stage so why is she claiming its hers? kinda a reach ngl
  8. clearly Miley. anyone saying otherwise clearly didnt go outside their homes in 2013
  9. thank u next bout to make her female Drake
  10. Liam

    yeah poor @Kristina deserved her #1 and u fucking cunts wouldnt let her even after a bookcase fell on her
  11. I forgot this wasnt Battlegrounds ur not cunts I didnt say that Paris is my friend