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  1. here

    I'll return to FOTP if someone buys me VIP #LGBT

  2. Discussion

  3. The category is best move not most liked alliance. Your point?
  4. Noah fence but why is the Lit Alliance not nominated instead of Pink Ladies? Not only did we sneakily take them out one by one but if I didn't form it the whole game would of been different with Jae going out that episode. But I'm happy with my 5 nominations!
  5. KM94 cos I don't have it
  6. If I don't get nominated for Best Strategist the rep clique done fucked up FBBAs
  7. It's not RHRN91 aka a top five Kylie song but it's second best
  8. Event

    It's her worst song 8
  9. Music Video

    Ok my fave Katy video ever
  10. Discussion

    I love Spotify. Sometimes I have fits because the titling of some artists Spotify pages are suspicious (Kylie Minogue for example) which can fuck with stupid things like scrobbling but for the most part it's great. It doesn't take up the amount of space as downloading albums would on my laptop and I can still find mostly everything I want to listen to without searching for a download for hours. The Discover Weekly playlists are great, they really do well at introducing you to music that you may potentially like and I've explored some great new artists through that. Also mobile providers are beginning to introduce deals so that you can use music streaming services without it eating at your data so it can be used mostly everywhere (with reception)
  11. Suddenly it's hard to breathe? Xtina smelt Sylk?