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  1. Liam


    I prefer TCOA so far! only halfway through tho
  2. Liam here

    baby its all in ur mind 

    1. Sylk

      stan a top 3 from debut !

  3. I tried to make Love Profusion happen!
  4. Liam here

    ok girls I'm going on a beauty spree recommend some body washes, moisturisers or shampoos (preferably from Lush)

    1. Urbanov

      Twilight Bath Bomb and you’re set up

      or Dark Angels if you need a body scrub xx

    2. Liam

      I was leaning towards Ocean Salt but now I'm divisive. I might get Celestial for moisturiser and Curly Wurly for shampoo

    3. Urbanov

      I don’t really like hair products from Lush. I’m using American Crew (shampoo and conditioner) and they’re fucking awesome

  5. the worst song on ROL? spare urself 💋
  6. thank u Farrah Moan
  7. I had He's A Man at #21 please praise me too
  8. taste prevailed huntié
  9. LIAM'S LIST @LittleDudeNT5
  10. no singles read the fucking title c*nt
  11. Sad Beautiful Tragic > So It Goes > Style idgaf for rest