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  1. I'll dubtrack
  2. The day I meet a guy that thinks RHRN91 is a top three Kylie song is the day I get married
  3. God Neighbours is a piece of shit now
  4. @Aidan. my CD still hasn't arrived
  5. Kylie section will stay forever
  6. Ya'll playing hard this season and I love it
  7. here

    Song of the year


  8. Fan rankings: 1. Liam 2. The rest Impact and I'm not even on the season
  9. For a second I thought Hannah had decided to make me the shock entry again
  10. Achievement

    Feels So Good ended careers
  11. Discussion

    I concur
  12. Aidan to every song: it's an amazing song wig went It isn't as bad as If Only though! Literally so vile, bland and boring
  13. I thought Mr President was going to be some political anthem The 8-bit production in that chorus is so vile G.O.D speaks the fucking truth!