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  1. Liam


    after years of slander from @Lachlan its good to see RHRN91 is finally being recognised! its top ten Kylie song
  2. Liam


    Sleeping with the Enemy Feels So Good Into the Blue Mr. President Sexercize Fine Million Miles I Was Gonna Cancel Les Sex If Only Sexy Love Kiss Me Once Beautiful
  3. I suggest you listen to Nu-Di-Ty on repeat to get rid of all bodily mucus as quickly as possible!
  4. Liam


    So Now Goodbye
  5. Liam


    my favourite award show performance of hers
  6. Liam


    Slow Chocolate Someday Red Blooded Woman Still Standing After Dark Loving Days I Feel For You Sweet Music Promises Secret (Take You Home) Obsession
  7. Liam


    I Still Love You (Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi) Got To Be Certain I Miss You I Should Be So Lucky Turn It Into Love I'll Still Be Loving You Look My Way Love at First Sight It's No Secret The Locomotion
  8. Liam


    Right Here, Right Now Too Much of a Good Thing Finer Feelings I Guess I Like It Like That Word Is Out Live and Learn Let's Get to It No World Without You If You Were Here with Me Now Give Me Just a Little More Time
  9. Liam


    Kylie Minogue Impossible Princess Body Language Aphrodite Fever Light Years Lets Get To It X Rhythm of Love Kylie Golden Kiss Me Once Enjoy Yourself
  10. Nu-Di-Ty should be nuked