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    I am here for the link, give it
  2. Liam


    I moderate a Björk server if anyone is interested in joining: https://discord.gg/PmAkYa
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    If you are looking for an alternative to the section I moderate a Kylie Discord server: https://discord.gg/aDV9hX
  4. Lover on your list too? Cancelled.
  5. The Pitchfork aesthetic is a mask for your mixed taste.
  6. Lover ranking above Pang was a big choice but that top three is respectable.
  7. Correct highlights for Titanic Rising. Front Row Seat to Earth is a great album too. Great choice of albums overall.
  8. I love Insomnia and Hey Big Eyes, how dare you. I predict Bubba will make an appearance.
  9. Four solid albums. Pang highlights are correct but I find Hit Me Where It Hurts the weakest on the album.
  10. Tove is incapable of putting out a consistent body of work. All her records suffer from high highs and low lows. Unfortunately Lady Wood is mostly all low lows.
  11. I am sorry if you are offended by my opinions. I will no longer post in this thread.
  12. Back to the more tasteful of the Reycist quartet, I can not get into Clairo at all. I have been slack on my listening so there are many albums here I need to listen to.
  13. I hope Lachlan gets hearing aids for Christmas. Lover is not better than any album he has posted so far.
  14. I am enjoying this list. It feels like so long ago you first started doing your year-end countdowns.
  15. Pang, Titanic Rising and Norman f***ing Rockwell top three
  16. I have made a list but it will not be posted on this forum
  17. @Hunty Bear I hope you agree that BUBBA is a huge disappointment and Kaytranada dropped the ball hard!
  18. ‘Back to back lesbians in my countdown’ is the ‘black influences’ of 2019.
  19. Sunshine Shitty was not better than UTFA but it was better than Lady Wood.
  20. Norman fucking Rockwell will win, Lachlan will try push Charli’s mediocre album into his top ten and Hunty will serve the most taste.
  21. I am away so hopefully you guys can keep it active
  22. Liam


    I am beginning Pose today
  23. Liam


    nothing because @Maria was the winner of comeback round
  24. Liam


    Forbidden Love (1994)