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    Wow, I am seriously mad that she sold it. This song would've SMASHED if she released it. Those news ruined my day.
  2. Jord_n

    What the fuck is going on here.
  3. Jord_n

  4. Jord_n

    It amazes me how hypocrites can some people be. Anyway. Well, let's say that the wrongest part is not actually "hacking" her computer, it's the spreading. People go on Tinychat all the fucking time and play songs that should never ever have even got out there. If you have a friend or someone that you know that actually can keep his/her mouth shut and then you decide to share a song here and there, that's okay. But spreading instead of sharing is unacceptable in my opinion and honestly I wouldn't call the people that do this "fans", at all. They know how much damage they can do to Ke$ha's work but still they keep on doing their shit. It's just so immature, those people have no life at all instead of doing all they can to have new material and brag. This situation has gone way too far now, we should do something to work this out.
  5. Jord_n

    It's actually pretty bad that songs that could potentially be included on the album are already out there as snippets/low-quality versions. I think that most of these problems happen because of Tinychat... Playing unreleased music there is not the problem, the problem is to play music to the wrong people. Anyone could use online tools or any shit like GarageBand to record everything. This is how Microphone leaked, this is how the second The Last Boyfriend snippet leaked... just because some assholes decide to record and leak the music. Seriously, leaking old songs isn't that big of a deal (when we know Ke$ha would never release them or doesn't give a fuck) but when we find out that people already have songs that should be on the next album we know something's wrong. All I hope is that everything turns out to be okay and we don't have leak that can make things go as Ke$ha doesn't want to. People with unleaked songs/snippets/Ke$ha nudes please just share with people that are actually trustworthy so we don't have unwanted leaks. This has happened before (Only Wanna Dance With You) and it's no cool, at all.
  6. Jord_n

    I'll send you it when my Japanese album arrives!
  7. Jord_n

    The artwork made me sort of excited actually, I really like that. I won't anticipate it much because if it's not good I will be disappointed. I'd rather have a good surprise.
  8. Wow. That's such a huge amount of dates. But she's finally coming to me and I am so fucking happy, I've been waiting for her for ages.
  9. Jord_n

    I will do it for you, Thomas. And thanks, I got inspired because it reminds me of the old times, such a nostalgia. .gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'>
  10. Jord_n

    Thank you so much. And Cannibal contains remixes as bonus tracks too, I will upload them as well if you guys want it.
  11. Jord_n

    I did! I also bought Animal (standard edition from Japan, because I already have the deluxe one with the DVD), Cannibal and Animal + Cannibal, all from Japan so I can complete my set. The Blow single is also on the way. Now I will see what else I will buy.
  12. Jord_n

    I was kind of getting used to Spandex... but well, I hope it's not the album title. And seriously bitch needs to give us info, or show us pictures of her inside the studio or something like this.
  13. Jord_n

    Coincidently I purchased this album just yesterday! If you guys wish, when I get my album (which will probably be next year), I can upload this for you guys in AAC format, 256 kbps.
  14. Jord_n

    It is going to be almost impossible to even put it in the Top 100 to be honest. Without radio play or promo it's very hard.