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  1. idc about Madonna's speech, but when Janet came out I literally got chills, still do
  2. I- here


    jvkdsfjksdafjdskfjkadsfjds lmfao2


    1. ajp

      PromHoe is promHoe ny1


  3. yes it says enough about your ignorance US: We Belong Together Everywhere else: Hung Up
  4. of course im just happy she got her dues when she was alive
  5. but that's not what Umbreon said tho, he said "Ironic you criticize someone for being a Maroon 5 feature, when you brag about your fave’s Maroon 5 feature as X’s song all the time " ignoring the valid point that Agu has made, only so he can get a cheap shot at Agu and Xtine
  6. I-

    And it looks like it doesn't count towards Billboard's charts so
  7. I mean this would be a valid drag if it correlated the thread He merely pointed out the hypocrisy of Cardi stans coming for Nicki's features when in fact, Cardi hasn't had a SOLO top 10 hit since Bodak Yellow. He never criticised other artists for doing features tho. I support the lashings Agu gets on a daily basis, but this is not one of them
  8. I-

    I tried to make you look good considering BTW's 1$ sales were counted but go off sis