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  1. Philip

    Paula Abdul has like 10 #1 songs and multi platinum album. Chill people, time will tell.
  2. Philip

  3. Philip

    There was this 1D fever era tho. Also, I think Cardi fever is bigger than Ariana fever
  4. But perhaps the piece de resistance (that's French for "Wig Snatch") is "Marry Me," had me screaming
  5. Fucking disgusting, and the reason why I don't care for what critics have to say because it's mostly men, misogynistic pigs
  6. Philip

    Okay hun, we'll see in the long run
  7. Philip

    Never said that though Also, your huge fanbase streaming your songs over and over does not mean the GP is doing the same thing
  8. Philip

    Because if you have a huge fanbase they will stream your songs because it's cheaper than to buy them multiple times
  9. Philip

    But is Madonna doing better than Ariana? No
  10. Philip

    And people are claiming that streaming shows if a song is a hit or not I know y'all dislike Mariah but come on Not always - it depends on a stanbase, and people replaying one song over and over so their fave can chart. And it's free to replay a song 2432423 times, but it's not free to buy a song multiple times
  11. Philip

    but is it pulling better numbers than Ariana's music?
  12. Philip

    and it's Madonna?