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  1. Performance Xtina's AMA Performance is now on Vevo!

  2. Reverse racism is real

    Yes you are
  3. Reverse racism is real

    nnn unnecessary long ass essays, I don’t know what you’re trying to prove here, I acknowledged what you’re trying to say every time, but I’m never going to justify the way it was done to adress the issue
  4. What about all the other girls that performed?

    Girl BYE. Pink really hasn’t made any impact in pop culture, when was the last time she was cited as an influence by new girls? Bye. Enya sold shitload of records but that doesn’t mean shit because she’s culturally irrelevant, and in the end that’s what matters
  5. Reverse racism is real

    You’re not naming any names tho, which singers could’ve done a better job, that are on Xtina’s level of relevance and legacy? I’m waiting boo. Again, no need for long ass essays I understand the frustration but the way it’s been dealth with is inappropriate and awful, and it’s not justified, period.
  6. If Beyoncé was the one who paid the tribute to Whitney..

    You really think I’m gonna take that weak ass bait? Gurl bye and we’ll never know for a fact until she tries it but we do have receipts of Xtina slaying it tho. Bloop
  7. Reverse racism is real

    I was only saying black because they preferred someone black to do it, not because it would sound problematic And of course talent and relevance were a factor, otherwise a church singer would’ve done it too I know this is not a specific situation regarding Xtina, but the way it’s being done is awful and inappropriate and totally prejudicial because she was picked by WHITNEY’s family ove Brandy or whoever (who also would never do justice to those hard songs).
  8. If Beyoncé was the one who paid the tribute to Whitney..

    I wonder why. Bloop.
  9. Reverse racism is real

    Downplaying her efforts even before she performed is prejudicial it’s one thing to want representation, but it’s another thing to put other people down in order to get it
  10. If Beyoncé was the one who paid the tribute to Whitney..

    Beyonce didn’t even try the hard IWALY notes I love Bey but she wouldn’t do a better job
  11. If Beyoncé was the one who paid the tribute to Whitney..

    Ehm sure.
  12. Reverse racism is real

    She sang at the Grammys and it was
  13. Reverse racism is real

    True. IWALY was great until the unnecessary runs I’ve seen her do it justice so idk what happened, nerves probably. But calling it atrocious and awful is plain stupid, rest three songs were amazing and those are some of the hardest songs to sing. People are just pissed because it’s a white girl doing a tribute to whitney and not JHud who would be worse
  14. Reverse racism is real

    Lol ok.
  15. Reverse racism is real

    Kidding don’t see it as revese racism but it’s rather prejudicial from the black community towards Xtina doing the tribute because she’s a white girl even before the tribute, I was reading so many comments stating “they couldn’t get a black singer to do it?” And now all the hate callig it atrocious, flat, awful and basically prejudicial since people had already characterized it as bad even before she did it, because she’s a white girl tributing Whitney. IMO there is not a single RELEVANT singer, black singer, that could’ve done a better job than Xtina, who did an amazing performance with couple of bad runs who was singing WHITNEY HOUSTON SONGS RECORDED IN HER PRIME. But yeah