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  1. how idiotic of you slay by staying ignorant ig
  2. But yas I loveee the soong, all my friends are hooked
  3. So you "didn't hear it" but you don't want to. Why is that? You made your opinion that it's not good without listening to it first?
  4. I wish but no I've been following him since 2011 and I never got any ghey vibes from him Shawn on the other hand
  5. J.Lo is one of the hardest working people in the industry
  6. Not sure about debuting, but Bieber could release a song where he farts on for three minutes and it would slay, so I think him
  7. People and critics are not the same. She faded as evident by Green Light
  8. here


  9. here

    not me introducing CupcakKe to y'all back in 2015 eve1 



    1. Hyun.

      not something to be proud of btw creep1

  10. here

    this is a bop and I'm not even joking