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  1. no, she only has one hit song and she's a feature on it, kinda like xtine
  2. Harry is smashing, but not y'all pretending like Bieber didn't have two smashes recently - Peaches and Stay (with Stay still smashing) - and don't you dare say that Kid guy was the one behind the success of Stay Addiitonally, isn't he currently on a sold out stadium tour? And all that with him being in the industry much longer than Harry.
  3. But it's the same comparison that the person I quoted made - why one was able to achieve higher/more mainstream success and one wasn't. But okay.
  4. Literally not what I was talking about - I was talking about what the person I quoted said - regarding success and type of music both Nicki and Kim are known for. But let me not continue with you about Kim due to you talking about ghostwriting, xo
  5. last time i thought of him was when we was calling him Fist Brown ( @Kristina )