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  5. He still a hoe ass bitch tho
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  7. I love Bieber, but I also love me some tea!
  8. Nice of you to use Google to find who else is on the album! Pretty sure they all sold the album and not IWALY, I Have Nothing and Run To You! When will you people realize that this is not about contributions or whatever? The Bodyguard Soundtrack is the best selling female album ever and that's a fact confirmed by all relevant sources and no matter how two stans on a forum try to discredit it, the fact remains but if you wanna be a basic bitch and talking about what's impressive, hmmm Bodyguard was the LONGEST #1 ALBUM BY A FEMALE ARTIST UNTIL 2012, Shania could never. Besides achieving the best selling female album, she managed to have a best selling female single, EVER. Setting the record for most weeks at #1 (14) by any artist ever, at that time Winning the Grammy for ALBUM OF THE YEAR Going on a STADIUM TOUR and to add to that, besides selling the album and the singles (best selling album and best selling single ever) she managed to sell a movie, and it became one of the highest grossing movies at that time. What Shania did was impressive, good for her for writing the album and good for her singles slaying the COUNTRY charts, but what Whitney did, a black RnB artist - is unmatched. Bodyguard era remains the most successful era for a female artist ever. Stay clinging to Kenny G or Lisa or whoever else was on the soundtrack album, but WE BEEN KNEW who was selling the album and winning the awards for it, xoo.
  9. Tell him Tell him that the sun and moon Rise in his eyes Reach out to him