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  1. I think it was just performed on GMA It's probably going to tie with Moo, and perhaps break it, we'll see
  2. This racist ass thread doe. Where's @Kyoteki and @Infrared to shut this bullshit down?
  3. Oh lord, no one has ever made this thread ever before! Thread of the decade tbh!
  4. here

    Your faves? NEVER


    1. Driven

      She had a great voice & vocals till drugs ruined it. cry5 You've always stan people with great voices. xtina6

  5. here

    Finally using Spotify oprah2 so happy oprah2 fuck the system oprah2 

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    2. Philip

      @Infrared lol no, but I'm paying from Malta so I can use it here rip3 

      Third world problems rip3 

    3. Dangerous Jim

      welcome oprah2 it'll change your life for real

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