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  1. ?? I dont remember asking but thanks
  2. I'm not familiar with the good sis, but I've been making this joke for 10 years now. I should retire it I know, but it's stronger than me, and so is P!nk.
  3. I watched the video as well not us staying up to date with gen z things, iconique
  4. and why do you know who she is
  5. tbh the question still stands, Smile sold less than Liberation in its first week
  6. tbh if I came back to FOTP I'd also pretend I'm beefing with some people, idk
  7. What would you do if when you okay so he said yes would go?

    1. Philip


      im known for the bob

  8. Hi. Can someone remove me from the Members tag? 

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    2. Kristina
    3. Philip


      @Kristina cuz I don't log in for weeks and I see random notifications orangu1 

    4. Royalty
  9. https://meaww.com/amp/lady-gaga-teams-up-with-oreo-twitter-trend-sudden-amnesia-trolling-christina-aguilera-2017-reactions
  10. 2:00 onwards - the bitch knows the song is not Genie but somehow doesn't know which song he actually sings? She answered some random ass names and bands but is not aware of Beautiful? Imagine being pressed for so long, sheesh.