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  1. Since 1999, yet her vocals are still slaying, hmmm
  2. it's bound to happen
  3. rich coming from you
  4. Philip here

    Toxic intro always makes my hole gape. Toxic will forever be THAT bitch yas1


    1. Kyoteki

      Those fucking violin notes are ICONIC

    2. Philip

      6 minutes ago, Kyoteki said:

      Those fucking violin notes are ICONIC


      Literally me whenever it comes on the shuffle


  5. Really can't be arsed to reply to you, since your stan glasses are glued onto you
  6. Because making a list of men singing about empowerment and equality takes away from the list lol
  7. Philip here

    Love me

    Hate me

    But none of the boys and none of the girls are begging to IF YOU SEEK AMY

  8. if her music video is shots from the tour...
  9. Philip


    I mean, it's always been obvious that Venom is gonna do better, it's a blockbuster movie so the two shouldn't be compared lol.
  10. Philip


    I'm just realizing how annoying you are