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  1. 2:00 onwards - the bitch knows the song is not Genie but somehow doesn't know which song he actually sings? She answered some random ass names and bands but is not aware of Beautiful? Imagine being pressed for so long, sheesh.
  2. Omg finally. Bye Apple Music
  3. What about Whitney and Janet @Michael.
  4. Philip

  5. Wizards was that bitch imo
  6. multiple weeks at #1 as well, lots of others can't relate
  7. bish you know her discography, shush
  8. Philip here

    {BI~ON~IC} take ya super sonic, hey!

    1. K$ANIMAL

      The unbreakable lotus in me, I set free yas2

  9. Philip

    I'm uncomfortable.
  10. Philip

    screaming at the sarcasm but it could be one of the reasons tho, if not
  11. Philip

    perhaps the kiddos have grown up and moved on, leaving her with 4,5 stans? not sure