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  1. It's actually hilarious that you think I have an agenda against KP, I was legit ready to stan Witness so hard because Bon Appetit and Swish Swish SLAYED me, but the rest of the album except for Witness and Power was dull, boring and very lacklustre
  2. You can't have listened to Katy's either then, poor you
  3. Sorry bout it! He lip synced 90% of the show, barely danced and was cunty to teenage girls in the crowd! Not my kinda vibe!!
  4. I can't even deny the tea! He really is just tragic, but can't help but bop to his tracks
  5. No it's actually one of the listenable tracks on Witness! Ironic that Witness is prob the best song of her career yet Witness is also the worst album she's released
  6. It's hella old, I need to update because I began to hate him when I saw him live last year so thanks for reminding me!
  7. Newcomer SZA drops an album on the same day as BIG name Katy Perry (who has a huge team of writers and producers to come up with an entire image and era for her) and yet only one of the pair's albums is actually an exceptional, solid piece of work, whereas the other's falls hella short and is mediocre attempt at something fresh and innovative, when in reality it is just for the majority very lacklustre and boring. Discuss, and decide which shoe fits which artist
  8. Witness is just perfect I haven't had a proper listen of the rest of the album, but I was GAGGED at Witness from the first listen
  9. £62 for GA, I'd have loved to got the Come To Mama package for early entry but can't justify £200 for it!
  10. I'm begging for a great album, and a tour i missed the chance to go to the B2B tour and it makes me so sad that I've not had the chance since to see her
  11. Vocals are serving classic Katy, this sounds like a bop!
  12. I got my ticket on the O2 priority pre sale this morning i can't believe I'm actually going to see Gaga this year
  13. This is legit giving me Kanye Homecoming vibes!