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  2. Legendary Jakey

    no one gives a fuck to be quite honest!
  3. Legendary Jakey

    Dark Leona avenging ha sister Uncle
  4. Legendary Jakey


  5. Legendary Jakey

    I love it.
  6. Legendary Jakey

    poe FOTPers. I can imagine certain stains having meltdowns right about now
  7. Legendary Jakey

    3 huge televised performances cant save it obese rent a rapper cant will legendtina be able to save Gaga's single and therefore re-spark her dying career?
  8. PRISM outsold Bangerz, ARTPOP, Britney Jean, global female smash #1 hit Roar, Dark Horse top 10 on iTunes w/ no promo right now. You did try tho u pathetic flop
  9. Legendary Jakey

    ikr Like Rihanna is a good vocalist..
  10. Legendary Jakey

    She doesn't always sound good, but some people can't admit when she does. And lbr, she sounds beautiful here in most parts. Flops denying it can take a seat
  11. Legendary Jakey

    interesting... ::
  12. Legendary Jakey

  13. Legendary Jakey

    OMG I really have high hopes for this video. I hope it's more serious and mature..nothing childish. Just be a dark sexy badass witch bitch
  14. Legendary Jakey