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  1. Dark Leona avenging ha sister Uncle
  2. poe FOTPers. I can imagine certain stains having meltdowns right about now
  3. 3 huge televised performances cant save it obese rent a rapper cant will legendtina be able to save Gaga's single and therefore re-spark her dying career?
  4. PRISM outsold Bangerz, ARTPOP, Britney Jean, global female smash #1 hit Roar, Dark Horse top 10 on iTunes w/ no promo right now. You did try tho u pathetic flop
  5. She doesn't always sound good, but some people can't admit when she does. And lbr, she sounds beautiful here in most parts. Flops denying it can take a seat
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50ZobgY7tA8#t=0
  7. OMG I really have high hopes for this video. I hope it's more serious and mature..nothing childish. Just be a dark sexy badass witch bitch