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  1. I've begun to come around on some of Hard Candy.
  2. here

    you should pop up more, Colin jj2

    1. Aion

      Who is this? jj2

    2. Serene.

      a stan for you jj2

    3. Aion

      How kind moo1

  3. I see you.
  4. Oh hi there.
  5. 'Kii'
  6. Oh gosh. I type in "Kii" and that comes up. Is THAT why you're always saying it??? You're just simulating a gif?? I thought it was just you going "Kii" irl. This really changed a lot.
  7. @ParentalAdvisory @Unapologetic Bitch Doesn't have to be Skype
  8. Just turned in my megarate scores.
  9. Colin! Poptimism! Etc.!
  10. CHANTOYA???
  11. Oh, I see some changes have been made to our filthy little set.
  12. What was your previous user name?