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    I've begun to come around on some of Hard Candy.
  2. you should pop up more, Colin jj2

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    She sang them both mj1
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    Was it you? moo1
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    Something that really hit home for me during Body Shop was this incredible appreciation of Madonna as a touring act. She actually tours to SUPPORT the current album. So if you're the kind of fan who sticks with an artist through every album - which I am - it means so much to get to hear songs you love that she's basically never going to do again. I've seen every Madonna tour since Confessions. I'm never going to hear Future Lovers again, or I'm Addicted, or Masterpiece, or Body Shop, etc. It makes it even more special that she's committed to sharing her new material on stage.
  6. VIDEOS ON Mah Instagrrrrrrrm It was fun. I'm not really going to get into the set list because we all know it. I'll say that the period of previous hits she looks back on mainly is my LEAST favorite Madonna period. But I still jammed. I decided just to see it as this great juxtaposition - "here's how it all began, pressed against what I'm making now." Deeper and Deeper was a total boP of course Y'all might be surprised to learn that I probably bopped HARDEST to Candy Shop That album is still garbage though. smile emoticon She did Ghosttown which made my friend so happy because it's her favorite on the album. And she did Body Shop, which is MY favorite on the album So everyone wins My favorite performance is still Like A Virgin. Apparently there was an *issue* with Living For Love that honestly I didn't even notice. I got so excited during Illuminati because I started filming RIGHT when the guys on the poles lifted up one of the dancers and launched him over the heart stage, and everyone is like "OHHHHHHHH!" The Unapologetic Bitch for the night was a performer named Derrick Barry, who I've seen on the Internet before, he's a very good Britney impersonator. It took me most of his time on stage to realize that I was looking at a man and not a woman. Bitch was READY though He was dressed Like A Virgin wedding dress style, and the way he whipped shit off and danced fall2. And she was like, "Okay Britney... you're getting a necklace that says 'Bitch I'm Madonna'" She looked great, she had a great energy (my friend said she was so surprised to see her looking so vibrant and happy, and she was also surprised that Madonna's speaking voice was so light and girlish), at one point she said she made "a baseball film" here, and we FREAKED OUT because we're constantly quoting A League of Their Own at work. Just last week there was this real hot guy in and I gave him the post-op care instructions for his cat. Afterward, I told my co-worker to go out there and look at him, and he came back all hot and bothered. And I was like, "don't waste your time, Doris " Anyway my section was so strange. The older woman to my right was just like NOT HERE for any of the new stuff. I could feel her vibes coming off her body and she reacted hardest for like Holiday, that kind of material She just stood there bewildered and uncomfortable when it was basically like one Rebel Heart song after the next at one point Her friend jammed though Then the thirtysomething twink in front of us in a sleeveless shirt with his bearfriend - he would dance at the most arbitrary moments. Like he'd sit there and then he'd stand up and all of a sudden we'd just see him swinging his hips around or vogueing at things that had nothing to do with Vogue Then about three-quarters into the show he just sat down and got really sullen and then they left early The women behind us went HARD. I could hear those bitches knowing every word to EVERY song. "Oh my god, she's gonna do Ghosttown!" "BITCH GET OFF MY POLE!!" And in the Iconic intro when Madonna talks about creativity being sucked dry or whatever nonsense she's on about, I heard them like, "MHMMM, THASS RIGHT!" I bought a tour book for $30 The guy in line before me bought like $100 worth of stuff. He also bought the underwear, which I'd NEVER consider buying for like 20 reasons, but I also noticed it was like, the biggest, longest pair of briefs I've ever seen So I had a great time, was slain to the heavens, joined a revolution of love, lived for love, took a holiday, traveled through Heartbreak City, went deeper and deeper some other song puns here, etc. Mess.
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    Nah, she TOTALLY killed. I didn't even notice this
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    Oh, this is still going on?
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    I really don't like this song It's grown from indifference to outright hostility over the years. And I resent that I've had to deal with it live three times now. It AND Candy Shop.
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    01 | Open Your Heart 02 | Express Yourself 03 | Secret 04 | Like A Prayer 05 | Vogue 06 | Rescue Me 07 | Erotica 08 | Supernatural 09 | Rain 10 | Sky Fits Heaven 11 | I'll Remember 12 | Deeper And Deeper 13 | Cherish 14 | Hung Up 15 | Time Stood Still 16 | Frozen 17 | Take A Bow 18 | This Used To Be My Playground 19 | Masterpiece 20 | Nobody Knows Me
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    This Used To Be My Playground
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    Eight or no deal.