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  1. Read more 1. Shape Of You (=) 2. That's What I Like (=) 3. I Don't Wanna Live Forever (+1) 4. Bad and Boujee (-1) 5. I Feel It Coming (=) 6. Tunnel Vision (=) 7. Something Just Like this (+1) 8. Passionfruit *debut* 9. Portland *debut* 10. Paris (-1) 11. Love On The Brain (-4) 15. Fake Love (+16) 18. Free Smoke *debut* 19. Chained To The Rhythm (-4) 21. It Ain't Me (-3) 21. Stay (+6) *new peak* 84. No Frauds (-70) 98. Swalla *debut* 24 Drake songs are charting this week
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    Lana has like 1000 unreleased songs + we already have enough pinned threads
  3. Review

    I don't really think this needs to be pinned tbh
  4. She ruined her chances by releasing Mo Bounce as her "comeback" single
  5. Discussion

    Will this be her look for ASIB?
  6. More pics: I believe these are still from the music video that she shot in Hong Kong
  7. Discussion

    I think in the context and everything it's pretty clear that she's referring to gay people specifically. As for her own sexuality, I do think that she has had sexual encounters with women. However she said herself that she never fell in love with a woman. So there might have been a time when she was just bi-curious but exaggerated it a bit But who knows, she might still consider herself to be bisexual and after all being bisexual doesn't mean that you have to be 50% into men and 50% into women. Even bisexual people can prefer one gender over the other but that wouldn't make them less bisexual.
  8. Discussion

    Well she never said she was gay she just said she was bisexual I'm not sure if she still considers herself to be bisexual however if I'm not mistaken she did say that she's sexually attracted to women but wouldn't be in a relationship with one or something like that.
  9. https://www.riaa.com/gold-platinum/?tab_active=default-award&se=gaga#search_section
  10. @AGNTEA Merged
  11. Hopefully this is just a buzz single