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  1. AJLazyBoy22

    Aura 4 Venus 42 G.U.Y 52 + MANiCURE 16 ARTPOP 30 Donatella 24 Mary Jane Holland 36 - Gypsy 50 Applause 36
  2. AJLazyBoy22

    I thought I was the only one who read it that way!!!
  3. AJLazyBoy22

    I love her so much! I have her discography too! She is amazing. I love her voice and her style! I wish she was more popular! .gif' alt='ny11'>
  4. AJLazyBoy22

    That is beautiful!! gaga20
  5. AJLazyBoy22

    :legend: NICKI MINAJ!! :legend:
  6. Uhm..... What did she do in 2013 other than ride around in her wheel chair?? rih7
  7. AJLazyBoy22

    I just hope they release their albums sometime this year.... Beyonce >>> Lady GaGa
  8. AJLazyBoy22

    She's aboreble and she has a really beautiful voice wonka1 BUT... homegirl won't be getting any of my money by just standing there on the stage and NOT trying to get into the choreo Also, I think Mac Miller is fucking up her good girl image. Why can't rapper just cut a verse for a song and NOT FALL IN LOVE! #Thirsty Yeah, But She's adoreble and have has a beautiful voice. gaga4 Mimi would be proud
  9. Lady GaGa (b/c I miss her) > Beyoncé > Britney > Katy Perry ( I miss her too) > Mariah Carey
  10. AJLazyBoy22

    Mariah Carey - "I Wish You Knew"
  11. AJLazyBoy22

    SEVEN NEW SONG!! .gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'>
  12. AJLazyBoy22


    I'm glad to see that she's taking the Tina Tuner route with her stage name! :nail:
  13. AJLazyBoy22