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  1. AJLazyBoy22

    This booklet is FLAWLESS!!
  2. AJLazyBoy22

    Aura 4 Venus 42 G.U.Y 52 + MANiCURE 16 ARTPOP 30 Donatella 24 Mary Jane Holland 36 - Gypsy 50 Applause 36
  3. AJLazyBoy22

    I love Britney But.... Did She Lie???
  4. AJLazyBoy22

    Best: Only Girl (In the World) Worst: Raining Men
  5. AJLazyBoy22

    Song: HIAM Video: WB
  6. AJLazyBoy22

    I thought I was the only one who read it that way!!!
  7. Mind you, he produced every Cherly Cole solo album. And they are terrible...
  8. 03 b/c she was IN THE ZONE but 2000 was really good too!
  9. AJLazyBoy22

    I love her so much! I have her discography too! She is amazing. I love her voice and her style! I wish she was more popular! .gif' alt='ny11'>
  10. AJLazyBoy22

    I thought I was the only one who saw that her body looks photo/videoshopped!! They better not start that sh!t!!! They did that in "Piece of Me"(which was too obvious. She looked fat and skinny all in one video) , "Womanizer" (which didn't look half bad) , and "Hold It Against Me" (which looked inhuman) (They do it alot in Mariah Carey videos too but... we're not here to clock her tea) #NoShade In my opinion, That can really fuck up this video if they did (for me) :g21: They don't ALWAYS have to do that! They didn't video/photoshop her body in the "3" video and she looked fablous!!
  11. AJLazyBoy22

  12. AJLazyBoy22

    "I Am... World Tour" Opening was EVERYTHING!!!!
  13. AJLazyBoy22

  14. www.youtube.com/watch?v=3el5veZEv4Y This perfomace was AWESOME!! Live singing and bomb choerography .gif' alt='cry3'>