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  1. You don't know how you met me
    You don't know why
    You can't turn around and say goodbye

  2. why is this the greatest thing i've ever seen??
  3. Celeb News

    nah, it's time for a solo "career"
  4. aw Kendall Jenner came out as straight sob1

    1. Sylk

      she's so brave

  5. i see you paying tribute to the living legend Celine cry4 so much taste

  6. tumblr_ov02t90e4p1wrvqozo1_540.png

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    2. Modern Woman

      eve1 Not you actually being pressed by me and you front with your basic dismissive reaches and stale drags. Stay mad Marlon Brandon't eve1 

    3. Royalty

      Dismissive and stale are words to describe your bitter life on FOTP