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  1. Wonder Woman 1984 may be the worst title of all time, but good photo!



    1. rose

      it is a horrible title tbfh and I also don't like that Chris is back. but the photos from set do look good. 

    2. Dennis Reynolds

      I have mixed feelings on Chris Pine being in it. On one hand, he was great in the first movie and their chemistry together was one of the best aspects, but it's also quite contrived that he's somehow still alive, let alone decades later.

    3. rose

      that's how I feel about it. 

  2. rose here

    my mind at 3 am: why did Paula Abdul have a cat in her music video for opposites attract


  3. rose here

    she'll tease you she'll unease you all the better just to please you she's precocious and she knows just what it takes to make a pro blush

  4. rose here

    You really don't remember, was it something that he said?
    Are the voices in your head calling, Gloria?
    Gloria, don't you think you're fallin'?
    If everybody wants you, why isn't anybody callin'?


    1. Honey

      GLORIA mess1 


    2. Regina Phalange

      omg have you watch ian bernado from xfactor singing this? u should rip3

    3. rose

      @Regina Phalange   just watched it rip2

  5. rose here


    1. ajp

      Breakfast Club yas2


    2. Kali

      i love this movie

  6. rose here

    why was Janets performance so short? 

    1. Chris Morlock

      shes old jj3 


      ut yeah it shouldve been longer jj3 

      they couldve shortened it because i think they were running out of time

  7. no one else getting the screams like bts
  8. when Kelly just wanna show everyone she better than them
  9. she looked cute and sounded good.
  10. rose here

    ari looked cute. 

  11. she knows what her fans want
  12. Reputation didn't have a DE but it did have different posters with the album plus 2 magazine covers to boost the album sales.
  13. rose

    I've been good! thank you for asking you?