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  1. she has so many great songs it's easy to forget one i love how she just plays the guitar with her fingernails instead of a pick. legend
  2. also "A Smoky Mountain Christmas" is the most underrated Christmas movie of all time.
  3. this song always hits me hard and i don't know why
  4. You can get a new avatar now. Not that I don't like your current one, Robin...




  5. so forbes was finally able to "verify" those numbers kris gave them?
  6. when you hate your child this much rip2

  7. "beautiful tribute from the queen of soul to the queen of hearts"

  8. you psycho glitter bitch!

  9. 20$ million first weekend, 90$ million end of it's box office run.
  10. Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe
    fake blondes
    beauty spots on their face
    loved by the people
    among the sweetest/nicest girls on the planet
    used by people who were supposed to love them
    had a hard time finding/keeping love
    born on the 1st of the month (MM june, PD july)
    died in august
    died at 36
    and yet people want me to believe they were not the same person



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      i should be sleeping but i am thinking about this

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      And both GODDESSES 


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      @witchcraft. speaking nothing but the truth