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  1. rose


    she has so many great songs it's easy to forget one i love how she just plays the guitar with her fingernails instead of a pick. legend
  2. rose


    also "A Smoky Mountain Christmas" is the most underrated Christmas movie of all time.
  3. rose


    this song always hits me hard and i don't know why
  4. rose

    they did date
  5. all over a kid who didn't even want to go to college
  6. so forbes was finally able to "verify" those numbers kris gave them?
  7. rose

    this photo is amazing
  8. he has a movie coming out so he's doing promo for it.
  9. rose here

    when you hate your child this much rip2

  10. rose


    i have seen that plus barely lethal, 3 days to kill and begin again. yeah, i heard about her playing Emily. hopefully it will be good.
  11. rose


    omg that took me out
  12. rose


    Rock Bottom still amazing. deserved to be #1
  13. rose


    i'm not too excited for bumblebee just because i'm not a big transformers fan, movie-wise, but i am sure once i watch it i'll actually end up liking it. i don't mind the overkill of "look we have cool 80s stuff in our movie/show about the 80s" but i can get why it might bother other people. i know i'll love the new spider-man movie. i've heard nothing but great things about it. the album question and answer girl just say it ain't coming. the puppies just wanting to play with each other was cute.
  14. rose


    that's the power of Hailee how was the Bumblebee? the new spider-man movie looks so good i can't wait to see it.
  15. rose


    adorable, talented and a sweetheart... what's not to love about the true queen of pop and life
  16. rose


    first time i'm hearing back to life it's a nice song
  17. Lil Kim looking good in this shoot!
  18. probably. or just go right into their pockets.
  19. like that money is actually going to go towards the wall
  20. rose

    what is this gif
  21. rose here

    "beautiful tribute from the queen of soul to the queen of hearts"

  22. rose

    is this real or photoshopped