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  1. It really it amazing slay me queen
  2. Thomas


    Wow, these are awesome! The Warrior one is my favorite
  3. Thomas


    Queen of looking gorgeous
  4. Thomas


    Warrior vs Bastards Die Young vs Let 'Em Talk C'mon vs Woman Thinking Of You vs Hymn Crazy Kids vs Praying Wherever You Are vs Learn To Let Go Dirty Love vs Finding You Wonderland vs Rainbow Only Wanna Dance With You vs Hunt You Down Supernatural vs Boogie Feet All That Matters (The Beautiful Life) vs Boots Love Into The Light vs Old Flames (Can't Hold a Candle To You) Last Goodbye vs Godzilla Hard choice Gold Trans Am vs Spaceship Out Alive vs Emotional Past Lives vs True Colors 6-9
  5. Thomas


    Omg yes Let 'Em Talk and Boogie Feet are some of her best BOPS. A full album would probably slay me
  6. Thomas


    She did that. Such amazing numbers for her
  7. Thomas


    Rainbow debuts with 120k SPS and 93k pure sales in the US Top 5 1. Kesha 120k 2. Kendrick 44k 3. DJ Khaled 34k 4. Khalid 32k 5. Imagine Dragons 30k http://hitsdailydouble.com/sales_plus_streaming
  8. Thomas


    Omg Queen
  9. Thomas


    It really is an amazing album. She did THAT
  10. Thomas

  11. Thomas

    They better be Animal, Cannibal and Warrior
  12. Thomas

    Just like my fave I come and go with the wind How are you doing?
  13. Thomas

    It's so unreal to witness kesha making this comeback. This summer has been such a treat to us animals
  14. Thomas


    And I really adore both!