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  1. They better be Animal, Cannibal and Warrior
  2. Just like my fave I come and go with the wind How are you doing?
  3. It's so unreal to witness kesha making this comeback. This summer has been such a treat to us animals
  4. Legends supporting legends
  5. Praying is still slaying me
  6. Ha, Yess. I love Alyssa so much. She's so quotable
  7. That hair looks straight but he sure doesn't
  8. I would buy Miley and Ha Dead Petz if it was for sale tbh
  9. I'm surprised this section is still in FOTP Faves
  10. Lipsha could've actually been great
  11. Tbh, you do deserve to get dragged
  12. I never said Marina was well known here, so what's your point? But she does have more stans than Mariah, that's for sure.