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  1. Teenage Dream 46 Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) 32 California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg) 6 Peacock 8 Circle the Drain 20 The One That Got Away 46 E.T. 48 Pearl 16 Not Like the Movies 16
  2. I'm an Avril stan and this is just so random
  3. Always proving how she is in a whole other league than Demi and Selena :teehee2:
  4. @ Gorl, let's start Can't Be Tamed :coffee:
  5. I love Best Thing I Never Had :worship:
  6. goooooooooorl I'm so glad you're doing this :: Liberty Walk is a 9 tbh It is amazing but there are even better tracks in the album :worship:
  7. Part II :worship: Ain't It Fun? Grow Up? .... Be Alone? :teehee2:
  8. Ellie slays me so hard Figure 8 >>>>>>>>> Dead In The Water >>>>> Hanging On >>>> And Burn is not only one of my faves from Ellie but also from 2013