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  1. omg thanks for bumping this, revisiting this thread is such a kii
  2. saw jessie ware front row last night, and if you've never seen her live please do it. in between songs she would like answer questions from the crowd and she is just so funny and endearing, what a great show

    1. Urbi


      Yeah she likes to know what’s going on in the crowd, she’s a real entertainer jj2 saw her live twice! Hope you had a great time

  3. seeing Jessie Tupperware live tonight cry7

    1. Urbi


      tell me if she's going to perform Champagne Legends cry6

  4. #BuyAccelerateOniTunes #StreamAccelerateOnSpotify #PreOrderLiberationOniTunes

  5. I'm sorry but when Accelerate comes out it's literally over for all ur favs....

  6. fucking Chlamydia Cabello and her desperate country remix of that maddeningly screechy attempt at a song have now dethroned Ariana's #1 on iTunes
  7. I always forget I made this iconic thread
  8. all the stuff he's done with her are masterpieces
  9. what a MASTERPIECE definitely gives me Without You teas
  10. yeah it was really rushed and most of the time you had with her was just posing for and taking the pic, but she smiled so big when i told her i had been a fan since the tiny elephant days and yes it's so weird having her in the same room with you it's like she's just a regular person tbh. I forgot to also mention she hugged me both before and after the pic, she's so cute and tiny
  11. honestly it's kind of a blur. obviously the show was amazing but yall know that already she got a lot of questions in the Q&A about AG4 and she confirmed that none of the snippets she's posted will be on it, she just said those were songs she thought were cute but they decided on a different direction. she said she's just asking for trust and patience with it the M&G went by so fast (idk why everything is running so late on this tour, the M&G didn't even start until after Victoria had started her set...I was the 4th in line and got to my seat as Vic was singing her last s
  12. nothing screams 'party' like Cruel World!