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  1. Liberated Matt

    Pretty Girls and Accelerate
  2. she better sweep yes
  3. Liberated Matt

    u spilled Coronamatica is the worst album of the year
  4. meghan trainor has stans that go that hard for her?
  5. Liberated Matt

    every gag album and most pop albums from the early ‘10s except for Bionic
  6. Liberated Matt

    Legend X and Madge are the best Moo and Gag worst
  7. Liberated Matt

    Camiltoe Cabhellno if she counts as anyone’s fav
  8. Liberated Matt

    omg ur still alive? i dont even wear sperrys anymore!
  9. Liberated Matt

    who are u sis idk anyone’s usernames
  10. Liberated Matt


    i created this thread hi
  11. Liberated Matt


    it’s her most creative and experimental album but it has some of her worst songwriting it’s by no means a terrible album like people say tho
  12. Liberated Matt


    im conflicted because i love her look so much but i wish the logo wasn’t so huge
  13. Liberated Matt


    can we just murder all these 13 year olds with the attention span of a squirrel ruining the streaming era? kinda disappointed we already have 1/3 of the tracks too but oh well
  14. Liberated Matt

    CORONAmatica already turned into sour milk while Futura Nostalgía ages like the finest pinot noir