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  1. Liberated Matt

    Lauren Jauregui Dove Cameron Lennon Stella
  2. Liberated Matt

    yes but more talented
  3. Liberated Matt


    omg thanks for bumping this, revisiting this thread is such a kii
  4. Liberated Matt

    if u moved Legend X to Group A it would be perfect
  5. Liberated Matt

    very hit or miss, but I usually like his stuff with pop girls
  6. Liberated Matt

    Legend X, Backstreet Boys, & STD power
  7. Liberated Matt

    I saw Britney front row at one of her last POM dates and it was the night they taped it for the New Year's performance last year, so I got to see her TWICE in one day literally could never have asked for a better way to see my fav for the first time and I've seen/met Ariana on both Honeymoon & DW tours; seen/met 5H 4 times; and seeing Legend X for the first time on Liberation Tour
  8. Liberated Matt


    yeah she's pretty good, I've known about her since Ugly. none of her songs have blown me away yet but she has cute bops, I think she's capable of a lot more
  9. saw jessie ware front row last night, and if you've never seen her live please do it. in between songs she would like answer questions from the crowd and she is just so funny and endearing, what a great show

    1. Urbanov

      Yeah she likes to know what’s going on in the crowd, she’s a real entertainer jj2 saw her live twice! Hope you had a great time

  10. seeing Jessie Tupperware live tonight cry7

    1. Urbanov

      tell me if she's going to perform Champagne Legends cry6

  11. we'll see, I'm just happy I finally get to see her
  12. these are good venues for her to test out the waters. we have no idea what kind of venues she is capable of doing since she hasn't toured in over a decade. remember when most of the dates TANKED on Gwen's last tour because her team banked on her being a legacy act and selling out those amphitheaters? at least X's team is being smart, and there's actually a nice variety of venues. the St Petersburg show only has a 2k capacity, while the Denver show is a 18k capacity arena...most dates fall in the 5k range