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  1. u spilled Coronamatica is the worst album of the year
  2. every gag album and most pop albums from the early ‘10s except for Bionic
  3. Legend X and Madge are the best Moo and Gag worst
  4. Camiltoe Cabhellno if she counts as anyone’s fav
  5. omg ur still alive? i dont even wear sperrys anymore!
  6. it’s her most creative and experimental album but it has some of her worst songwriting it’s by no means a terrible album like people say tho
  7. im conflicted because i love her look so much but i wish the logo wasn’t so huge
  8. can we just murder all these 13 year olds with the attention span of a squirrel ruining the streaming era? kinda disappointed we already have 1/3 of the tracks too but oh well
  9. CORONAmatica already turned into sour milk while Futura Nostalgía ages like the finest pinot noir
  10. omg thanks for bumping this, revisiting this thread is such a kii
  11. Liar I Run Away Bombastic Love Everybody Rock Me In Abroad Touch of My Hand Everytime Dangerous Man on The Moon Amnesia Tom's Diner Telephone
  12. saw jessie ware front row last night, and if you've never seen her live please do it. in between songs she would like answer questions from the crowd and she is just so funny and endearing, what a great show

    1. Urbi


      Yeah she likes to know what’s going on in the crowd, she’s a real entertainer jj2 saw her live twice! Hope you had a great time

  13. seeing Jessie Tupperware live tonight cry7

    1. Urbi


      tell me if she's going to perform Champagne Legends cry6

  14. #BuyAccelerateOniTunes #StreamAccelerateOnSpotify #PreOrderLiberationOniTunes

  15. I'm sorry but when Accelerate comes out it's literally over for all ur favs....

  16. fucking Chlamydia Cabello and her desperate country remix of that maddeningly screechy attempt at a song have now dethroned Ariana's #1 on iTunes
  17. I always forget I made this iconic thread
  18. all the stuff he's done with her are masterpieces