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  1. and Work Bitch answered so they hung up
  2. Single

    my wig fucking flew into outer space this is a masterpiece it's more upbeat but still very iamami sounding
  3. well duh since WB is her worst single ever
  4. Single

    no fucking way i always love Weezy features on her songs too
  5. Single

    it doesnt load for me for some reason
  6. Discussion

    Love is so uneventful as a title
  7. born to die 2.0 is coming
  8. a mess but omg the song fucking slays
  9. Discussion

    Machine Gun Love leaked in full didn't it?
  10. Celeb News

    Get On Your Knees 2.0 pls
  11. Care Bears by Dash My Wig
  12. ugh Fad really wants me to stan her again doesn't she katy1

  13. Music Video

    girl idk how i watched it on apple music on my phone
  14. Music Video

    oh my god this was so good her best video in a very long time, it looks straight outta TFM era Jonas always works magic with her, why doesnt she just let him do all her videos