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  1. MonsterVSAnimal


    FLAWLESS ALBUM! <3 And ugh im mad that she took Living Dead off for US, it's one of my favorite songs!! And i hope the new song makes up for taking off Buy The Stars & Lonely Hearts Club.
  2. MonsterVSAnimal


    I dont like it ;/ i dont like her new album at all.... Only Kiss The Stars
  3. MonsterVSAnimal


    This album is going to be amazing <3
  4. MonsterVSAnimal


    Homewrecker is amazing! <333
  5. MonsterVSAnimal

    Honestly idk:/ i hope not. I dont think so either.
  6. MonsterVSAnimal

    I love them both!! <33 but i hope she does Birthday Cake solo also.
  7. MonsterVSAnimal

    Omg i cant wait for this song! <3 i hope no one features tbh..
  8. MonsterVSAnimal

    Come on Ke$ha, new stuff soon!
  9. MonsterVSAnimal


    cover is disgusting. Hate it.
  10. MonsterVSAnimal

    This isnt going to happen.. :/
  11. MonsterVSAnimal

    Obviously we aren't getting anything.. for a while anyways.
  12. MonsterVSAnimal

    This is fucked! Ha.. It better be a new single.. It probably is. Dr. Luke said that he was editing Ke$ha's new song and that he would post a snip soon which means we will get it soon.
  13. MonsterVSAnimal

    He just has to edit it and stuff. That's all. It will be done soon. Teaser in a couple weeks prob (knowing ke$ha, like 3 weeks) and then single released like late october or november
  14. MonsterVSAnimal

    Omg this song will slay!! cry1 !! <333 Perfect choice!
  15. MonsterVSAnimal


    Didn't Dance In the Rain leak? I've just started becoming a fan