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  1. Maybe Xtina and Britney can finally do some works together! Could be a good move for both of them now!
  2. She didn't flop. Just was going through ... Bionic did better than a lot of CDs. +lol+ If you think on it.
  3. We better support her 200%
  4. B2B tea *cries* I miss Funkytina!
  5. Didn't flop harder than Who Runs Flops
  6. Yes boo. Rihanna vs Gaga all on ATRL.
  7. One word: Payola.
  8. Here's how it is. Bionic era, the Xtina stan(mostly bandwagon was shit talking a lot of stan groups) on how Xtina was going to slay, blahblah, and etc. After we calmed down and stop going at it with other stan they stop attacking Xtina. Most stans wars now are Between Bey vs Rihanna. Gaga vs Rihanna. Britney vs Gaga vs Britney. & Somehow Kim vs Nicki vs Rihanna LOL
  9. Looks like Gaga has been studying Xtina a little bit too much! +lol+
  10. She's flopping harder Ciara with this single. +lol+
  11. http://twitter.com/iq/status/62678758892646400 RT it. I have a lot of X followers so when one see it .. the others will see it
  12. I should apply.
  13. +lol+ XtinaWarriors ... hoooooooooooooooooo! LOL like thundercats
  14. Yes. Yes for XtinaWarriors. I'm an Xtinaddict <3
  15. You will get over it. +lol+