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  1. I’m back darlings. Gaga has risen and so I have I.

  2. I have returned for this monumental occasion as the Queen of Pop returns. Let the fun begin.
  3. Why isn't Janet Jackson listed in the Pioneers section? After all, she's the queen of pop.

    1. Madonna


      Coming back from dead only to troll I see.


    2. Chris


      *goddess of everything

  4. I’m back! 

  5. How much of yall do I know here?

  6. I'm still waiting for a pop album to dethrone Glory tbh.
  7. Stopped listening to Witness to listen to Dangerous Woman. Best decision I've made today. 

    1. Madonna


      Oh yes Dangerous Woman was also what I listened to after Gaga's yelling on Joe N. almost damaged my ear drum. I should sue her for releasing something so painfullly bad.

  8. It's such a great album! Shake it off though!!!! Its one of my top songs.
  9. Drake needs to perform with OBJ. I'm pretty sure they are a couple by now.

  10. Imagine Dragons! I need to go to one of their concerts. So much energy. 


    1. Anna-wa


      Their Grammy performance with Kendrick one year STILL gives me so much energy when I watch it.

  11. Celine Dion. Queen.

  12. Sam Hunt is hotter than the chainsmoker guy and he can actually sing. imready1 

    1. Entea


      I'm not much into country music but he is hot jj2

  13. Lorde reading her lyrics. She don't know her song? wtf?


    1. Chris


      its supposed to be Karaoke night themed jj4 did you not catch that jj4 

    2. BlackJesus


      smh. I  did catch it, I just want to drag the sis.

  14. Miley cured herself.

    1. BlackJesus


      She still cant sing though.

    2. Jae


      Lol sure. 

  15. So the song Issues is probably the best song I've heard since the beginning of 2016, but she's annoying me with this performance. Trying to oversing is worse than oversinging. Mess.