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  1. Chaystic

    this is the best promo
  2. Chaystic

    she just tweeted this http://twitpic.com/6hdhn6
  3. Chaystic

    blame it on gaga
  4. Chaystic


    LOL those last songs you mentioned won't be on it 100% sure, they were made for the UK edition if she wanted them she'd have included them there plus she recorded new songs for US that fit the US market more, and those songs certainly don't.
  5. Chaystic

    my #1 fave can and has done it so idc
  6. No, she won't. BTW went #1 cause it was the 1st sinlge and had tons of hype, I think every single would've gone #1 at that point.
  7. Chaystic

    Are you fucking kidding me? why would madonna affect her? stop embarrassing yourself boo
  8. Chaystic

    of course because she only sits on a chair or stands in front of a piano
  9. Chaystic

    No, I don't. And what I said wasn't meant in a bad way, it's normal that you don't sound exactly like on the CD when you dance and stuff, in the studio you don't you only sing.
  10. Chaystic

    k I have yet to hear a singer that sounds exactly live like on the CD...and no not because of autotune...
  11. Chaystic


    Didn't see this thread anyway I'm a true stan since 2005 cry1cry1 love him so much, probably my fav r&b singer
  12. Chaystic


    Didn't know there was already a thread, was about to start one cry1cry1 Love him so much, his christmas album is coming on Nov. 1st cry1cry1
  13. Chaystic


    Why doesn't he have a thread yet? Who's excited for Future History? cry1cry1