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  1. When you see the big screens alongside the stage, those are stadium shots for sure cause they were not included inside the arenas
  2. I'm Addicted has some INCREDIBLE and amazing camera shots I have to say, I can't wait to see it in full The Paris footage is being used just for some crowd shots, the show is still from Miami and we will get Love Spent
  3. They might have used some crowd shots from other venues than Miami just because they look so much larger, I'm ok with that. The crowd audio is clearly taken from a different date as well I'm fine with those tricks as long as we don't notice different venues or stuff like that, it'll make the dvd look and sound better
  4. :slayed: :slayed: :slayed: :slayed: :slayed:
  5. http://instagram.com/p/ZRL6m6GEaM/ I hope MDNAepixHD means a teaser soon.
  6. It's not Madonna-related if her fans don't die painfully before we get something good.
  7. I can't stand Brahim since he completely covered Kylie in a photo from the MET Gala while she was talking to Madonna, it was the pic of them together I was waiting for my whole life.
  8. https://twitter.com/SKstudly/status/333947038293192705 MESS.
  9. https://twitter.com/SKstudly/status/333796427463524352 Steven pls.
  10. With the dvd approaching we will get there
  11. I found nothing on Twitter, where did he say so?
  12. Icon's always been such a mess
  13. Brahim darling if we don't get this motherfucking dvd in 4 weeks you're gonna be chased and tortured by the whole Madonna fandom.
  14. OMG they deleted it already I hope we can find it elsewhere. It lasted so little, it was amazing