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  1. Government Hooker has me dancing and crying at the same time. OMG.
  2. UP TO GOVERNMENT HOOKER NOW. Ohhhhhhhhh my god. So sexy. <3
  4. Listening in the correct order, Government Hooker is up next... AHH, this will be amazing.
  5. Sam

    Let's see "hew mad" in a few days when it's broke all sorts of records!
  6. Sam

    Opinions... Some people will like it, some people won't. I personally love it, although I'm trying not to overplay the snippets and I'm waiting for the full HQ version.
  7. Sam

    Can not wait for this..!
  8. Sam

    Awwww I hope this isn't true!
  9. Sam

    Not My Problem
  10. SOS by Abba is playing when she is giving the guy from Google a hug.
  11. Sam

    So there's proof a stand in was used for 2 seconds of the video... Maybe them two seconds were needed after Britney left the set so they had to use a double to record it and use in the video? It's 2 damn seconds, it's not like she never danced at all!
  12. Sam

    I do think it was Britney in the video, but, I agree that this will most likely be her last album. She should rest, look after her children, enjoy the money she has made properly.
  13. I doubt the intro is from Judas, but the end could be!