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  1. Event

    Happy Birthday Queen of Pop
  2. here

    yass, stan for T-alent bey6 

  3. Carly Rae is shook


  4. She is here and she has delivered
  5. LGBT

    Okay but I feel like Trinity had the better lip sync overall. Just because Peppermint's reveal drove the audience crazy, which was cool, I'll admit, didn't mean she did better than Trinity. Also, I do think Sasha did better than Shea but I was tired of her facial expressions against Peppermint. I have mixed feelings but regardless, congrats to Sasha!
  6. Rumor

    I like the cover because she's smiling, like, look at the character development! In b4 she changes it and y'all aren't happy with the new one tho. Let me pray for us
  7. Album

    Maybe if she had named the album Into You, perhaps Into You, the single, would have rightfully taken off!
  8. Wow. I never saw a point in owning one but now I must have one!
  9. Album

    She's gonna kill me from how precious she is! Hmm. Now I'm wondering if Lana is a soccer fan since Mexico played today Regardless, she's adorable!
  10. Everything with her is so strategic None of it is genuine
  11. Wow. I feel blessed!
  12. Celeb News

    They.......kinda predicted an Ariana marriage? But not with Mac
  14. I have the snippet on loop! It's going to be FIRE!