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  1. That devastating moment when your final grade for a class is 69.59% and you literally don't pass by less than half a point. 5aac6820e81504d7eb1315d24f942b7c.gif

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    2. H.O.N.E.Y

      It'll work out somehow, sis. This reminds me of when I got 79.5% grade and I wanted to major in Translation in college and I had to have 80% to get in so they rejected me.



      But then I ended up studying English Literature in a transitional process (2 years in a community college + 2 years in the main college), and it worked out better cos I realized that translation is actually hard and headache-inducing and ended up with a good grade at the end. Moral of the story, your score could save u from a shitty path u would've taken or land u a better position. Just be patient and see how it all turns out, but also seek to better your situation don't wait and do nothing. <3    

    3. Number Nine

      Thanks to you two again! Just thought I should update you. I emailed my teacher if the 69.59 would be the final grade or if he rounds up and he replied that I got a C...meaning I passed!!