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  1. Rank Song 1 She Loves Control 1 Havana 1 Real Friends 1 Something's Gotta Give 1 In The Dark 6 Into It 7 Never Be The Same 8 Inside Out 9 Consequences 10 All These Years My number 1s are not in order cause that is not how I would sort them but I love all the songs
  2. Yes but its so short it will need a feature
  3. After first listen: Never Be The Same - 7/10 (growing on me tho) All These Years 7/10 She Loves Control - 9/10 Havana -10/10 Inside Out - 6/10 Consequences - 7/10 Real Friends - 10/10 Something' Gotta Give - 10/10 In The Dark - 8.5/10 Into It - 7.5/10 Camila? Yeah, she did that
  4. Inaccurate title She is #1 in 96 countries
  5. Never doubted her
  6. I was falling asleep in my room when I heard a deep voice whisper in my ear "HURRICANE!

    Thinking it was someone that had just gotten home, I turned to look...but no one was there. I was still home alone.  


    1. Jae

      praying for you 


    2. Dr. Slay

      Halsey decided to haunt your dreams dead2


    Believe me, I know, you're gonna make it through the day 


  8. Me everytime I get a notification to Megarates, Top Ten lists, etc. 


    1. Freaky Prince

      anna1 wut

      I've done only one megarate, over a year ago, and never done a year end list kylie2

    2. Monster


      Just kidding, sorry I bothered you. wendy3 I'll remove you from the list I'm using. wendy3 


  9. NBTS is gonna get some getting used to Real Friends is real nice tho
  10. Cannot stop thinking about COCO f03c8f9726ffa1e253f56451c28e2c82.gif

    1. Kaulitz.

      Have you seen it??? I'm really looking forward to it, ever since I saw the concept art a few years ago. oprah7 

    2. Number Nine

      Saw it on Thanksgiving. It was SO beautiful and emotional. You will love it



    3. Kaulitz.

      Yeah, Disney/Pixar never seems to let me down. Can't wait...

  11. Aww so happy for him Even if he never got to see his brother again, knowing that he got to live and have a family must be such a nice surprise
  12. Photos

    Thicc as in thicc jacket?
  13. Had a good Thanksgiving with family and even saw the incredible COCO but unfortunately this morning I went to urgent care and found out I ruptured an ear drum so my hearing has decreased. Still, thank goodness for Hey Arnold and Hulu subtitles!


  14. Last night I sneezed really hard and lost a lot of hearing in my right ear (mind you, I am  already practically deaf in my left ear so everything is very faint right now) but I slept it off hoping it would go away. About 11 hours later, all clinics are closed because of Thanksgiving they wont be open until Monday. Idk whether to suck it up until Monday or go spend a lot of money at an emergency room. Lowkey having an anxiety attack because I am already lost in thought of how I am going to go deaf.   

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    2. *Starlight*

      If its bad you should go. Safety first darling

    3. Number Nine

      I’m in urgent care right now

  15. We love a legend in the making!
  16. Confident | Sorry Not Sorry Cool for the Summer | Tell Me You Love Me Old Ways | Sexy Dirty Love For You | You Don't Do It For Me Anymore (TIE) Stone Cold | Daddy Issues Kingdom Come | Ruin the Friendship Waitin for You | Only Forever Wildfire | Lonely Lionheart | Cry Baby (I think LH might be better but both so good!) Yes | Games (Yes never grew on me and Games has not grown on me yet) Father | Concentrate Stars | Hitchhiker Mr. Hughes | Smoke & Mirrors Body Say | Ready For Ya I actually have not heard S&M or RFY yet but I do know BODY SLAY is better Confident: 5 TMYLM: 9
  17. It started when I looked in her eyes, I got close and I'm like "Bailemos!" HEY!
    La noche está para un reggaetón lento! De esos que no se bailan hace tiempo 


  18. Tech

    If they’re doing this to make better improvements and offer better shows then I am for it but if they’re just raising the price then wtf. I cannot get into Amazon Prime or Hulu, they have such shitty content compared to Netflix
  19. You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore Cry Baby Only Forever Daddy Issues
  20. Havana ooh na na 


  21. This album is EVERYTHING Also, while both are great, can we agree Hitchhiker >>>>> Concentrate
  22. Every track on TMYLM so far is fucking amazing DK3V38VUIAAQAGh.jpg

    1. Manson

      Thanks for reminding me that it came out!

  23. Good news: I GOT SPOTIFY x HULU for $4.99 Bad news: It's the limited commercials plan Oh well, guess I'll just listen to tunes on Spotify while the commercials play!
  25. iPhone 8 to iPhone X. How does one simply skip over iPhone NINE?