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  1. X

    We need an official release date. I can't wait anymore .gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'>
  2. I'm so sad. I don't get why it suddenly died on iTunes. Both versions were in the top 200 and they plumetted without any reason... It was my dream to see her crossing the 500k mark... Sadly the song is #197. It'll be out of the top 200 next week and we won't get new numbers :'(
  3. Rihanna is definitely the most relevant girl in France. She is EVERYWHERE. Closely followed by GaGa I'd say.
  4. He was so sexy with his thug attitude and masculine haircut. I really don't understand why he came back to that ugly Ellen DeGeneres look
  5. WHAT?! He looks like a lesbian again.
  6. X

    I can't believe she announced that out of the blue. I can't wait to know what it's about. It better be about her single, if it's not I'm gonna cut a bitch.
  7. X

    Wow, her eye is so beautiful
  8. This. I'm sure Your Body already crossed this mark too.
  9. The video is out, the song has been performed live and the song is still in the red on iTunes. I don't think it will be a mega smash a-la Moves Like Jagger. Anyway, I just hope it goes top 5 in the Hot 100. The only thing that could help increasing sales would be the airplay. Let's up it will increase more !
  10. It lost too many sales last week. I'm afraid we won't get any number for it next week. I'm so sad we won't see it crossing the 500k mark
  11. X

    I'm sure they were photoshopped. Her face never looked like that and the DailyMail very often photoshop pictures.
  12. X

    Wow wow wow, she looks really old here
  13. X

    At least Just A Fool is still gaining somewhere Feel This Moment
  14. I can't wait I want her to look as hot as she did two days ago