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  1. I actually really enjoyed her response. Be kind to EVERYONE.
  2. Good lord. Who cares.
  3. calethewhalee

    Celeb News

    Damn.. I’m close to London rn
  4. calethewhalee


    Love all of it. 11/10 Love the lips. Love the hair. Love the shoes. Love the outfit. Is that a piercing between her brows?
  5. Exactly. You’re being hypocritical by not boycotting the US then.. lol.
  6. Lol they bother me too. They look clunky with all that fabric on them.
  7. Didn’t think so.
  8. Have you been to Israel?
  9. Maybe all the snowflakes who get offended so easily should take a trip to Israel and see for themselves. Instead of judging behind their computer screens. Then you could MAYBE have an opinion.
  10. I’ve been to Israel and it was a beautiful country. How the fuck can Demi offend people by just visiting a country?! Good lord.
  11. calethewhalee

    Celeb News

    Omg i was just on the Hollywood walk of fame and saw his name in a star. I thought it was funny cause it was Jose Jose, so I took a pic. Had no idea who he was though.
  12. calethewhalee


    Met her on the cruise
  13. calethewhalee