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  1. calethewhalee

    Just dropped $500 on swarovski rhinestones for my outfits on the kesha cruise...
  2. calethewhalee

    Boo 😒
  3. calethewhalee

    Guys who is all going on the cruise?!
  4. calethewhalee

    Celeb News

    Hmmm.. featuring Wrabel?
  5. What the fuck noooooo.. I literally just met her.. She seemed so chill and normal. Poor thing.
  6. They’re just so outdated. Thank u, next.
  7. calethewhalee


    Lmao yasss
  8. calethewhalee

    Celeb News

  9. Stupid. It’s called acting for a reason.
  10. calethewhalee

    Literally been checking that site for so long. Just missed the upload. Thanks
  11. calethewhalee

    Does anyone know her Eden tour setlist?!
  12. WTF Where can I DL this shit so I can listen on iTunes.... ugh.