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  1. Game

    I didn't know last goodbye was a bonus track? Was it just on the deluxe edition?
  2. Discussion

    Pm an email if you want it
  3. Discussion

    Pm me an email I can send it to. Found a CD drive
  4. Discussion

    Jk I found one. PM an email I can send it to
  5. Discussion

    I don't have a CD drive
  6. Discussion

    In Japan right now and I just purchased it #gayAF
  7. Celeb News

  8. Album

    Here for work
  9. Album

    Oops I meant rainbow hahaha. Idk if they would even have warrior still. When is it released in Japan? I'm here until October
  10. Album

    I hope praying keeps climbing
  11. Album

    Just realized I'm in Japan right now and I can buy the actual physical Japanese edition of Warrior
  12. Single

    Where it at doe?
  13. Discussion

    So right now I definitely like warrior better as an album overall, but I love almost every song on this album. And I'm in love with Old Flames And Boots
  14. Album

    It's the best on the album and y'all will fuckin deal