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  1. Lmfao anyone know where Freedom is??
  2. calethewhalee

    Celeb News

    I’ve seen that if you use code HIP20 it’s 20% off. If anyone wants to know.
  3. calethewhalee

    Celeb News

    Btw, apparently HIP20 gets you 20% off.. Wish I had known this earlier.. lol
  4. calethewhalee

    Celeb News

    Yeah I really just wanna play with the eyeshadow.. I don’t really do makeup.. but I had a ton of fun with my Kesha Halloween look. but I think the box is really cool so I was like what the hell.. I’ve been kinda good with saving money lately.. so what the fuck. Why not.
  5. calethewhalee

    Celeb News

    I got the box will I ever use it? Probably not really.
  6. calethewhalee

    Celeb News

    Yay I got the collectors box lmao.. oops. Idk why I needed it.. it’ll be pretty but I’ll never use it 😂
  7. calethewhalee

    Celeb News

    Also I just ordered it and it said it worked..
  8. calethewhalee

    Celeb News

    It doesn’t show that’s it’s sold out for me.. it lists the prices and I can add them to my cart
  9. calethewhalee

    Celeb News

    Wait when did it go on sale?!
  10. calethewhalee

    Celeb News

    So like when can I buy it
  11. calethewhalee

    Celeb News

    Omggggg I want the eyeshadow!!! It’s beautiful!
  12. calethewhalee

    Well yeah I understand that.. haha. Just wondering why she announced an early release if it wasn’t ready. And now it’s still not ready and nothing is being said o.o
  13. calethewhalee

    Like why did she even say anything about releasing it early? And now it’s late.... yikes.